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Operating the Atlanta Detention Center costs $30 million a year and results in the city subsidizing the Fulton Sheriff's office. But you wouldn't know it from having attended recent Atlanta Council Finance Committee meetings, in which members have spent excruciating hours asking pointless questions, getting testy with administration officials and generally wallowing in irrelevant minutiae. Atlanta has operated its own jail since the '50s and had a special exemption under state law to try some felony cases. Bond would like the city to revisit those decisions – and potentially even ask the state to return to Atlanta the authority to try felony cases.
Bond is also concerned that many city jailers would opt for retirement rather than keep doing their current jobs for less pay under county employ – a possibility that could further impact the city's woeful pension situation.

Councilman Michael Bond, who worked at the facility from 1989 to 1993 and has a brother who is still a jailer there, has emerged as the most fervent opponent to its proposed transfer to Fulton County.
Back in the early '90s, when the third Maynard Jackson administration needed to replace the city's cramped, semi-medieval jail on DeKalb Avenue, it conceived the ADC as an expansive, state-of-the-art facility that could generate revenue by leasing its extra bed space. Since opening in 1995, the jail has proven a major drag on the city budget, costing taxpayers $445 million over the past 15 years. Reed, on the other hand, is pushing Council to make a decision on the jail in time for the 2011 budget, which must be approved by June 30. Fulton, still under a federal court mandate to ease overcrowding at its own jail, theoretically wants to buy the city's 1,150-bed facility.

The only potential buyer for a jail is another governmental entity and the only meaningful price is one that comes out of negotiations. But Shirley Franklin, in one of her first initiatives as mayor, lobbied successfully to have the state law changed so Fulton would be required to house most of the city inmates at its jail on Rice Street – a move that contributed to the notorious overcrowding there.
In essence, Atlanta is subsidizing the Fulton Sheriff's office and the other jurisdictions to provide a service that cities aren't required to provide.

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