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Galveston, Texas Assault Defense LawyersIf you have been arrested for an assaultive offense in Galveston County, Texas, it is crucial that you contact an experienced Galveston, Texas assault defense lawyer.
Aggravated assault can be a felony of the first degree in some cases of domestic violence or if the assault was committed against a public official, security guard, informant, or witness to a crime. What would be very interesting would be to compare areas’ assault death numbers with the the relative strictness (if any) of local gun laws. The bipartisan “Kate Puzey Peace Corp Volunteer Protection Act 2011”, which the Texas Republican and Sen. It would also require the agency to develop protocol related to sexual assault and would create a Sexual Assault Advisory Council. Kate Puzey, the Act's namesake, was a Peace Corps volunteer murdered in 2009 after complaining to managers about a colleague who she said was sexually assaulting girls. Poe, co-founder of the Congressional Victim’s Rights Caucus and a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, has a record of advocating for sexual assault victims’ legal protection. The Peace Corps has 8,665 volunteers, which means that if each report came from a different individual more than 3 in every 100 volunteers reported rape or sexual assault.

According to Poe’s press release, volunteers in the Peace Corps have reported and average of 22 rapes and 267 sexual assaults during the past decade.
Depending on the type of assault and the person you are alleged to have assaulted, the penalties of a conviction for assault can be extremely severe.
The statutory range of punishment for aggravated assault (first degree felony) is five years to life (5-life) in a Texas prison.
New Hampshire and Maine have among the lowest rates of urbanization, and both states seem to be dead last in the rate of assault deaths category. Ted Poe , R-Texas, has introduced legislation in the House that would make the Peace Corps more responsive to sexual assault complaints by volunteers and would protect those who act as whistleblowers. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., joined legislators from Florida and California in sponsoring, would make sexual assault risk and response training mandatory for Peace Corps volunteers. The Peace Corps formed a Volunteer Sexual Assault Panel per his suggestion at a hearing on Peace Corps safety and support before the Committee in May. Williams, director of the Peace Corps, said in a statement Thursday that the agency has taken steps to become more responsive to sexual assault issues, such as establishing a panel of outside experts and sexual assault victims and hiring a victims advocate.

If you have been charged with assault causing bodily injury to a family member (ACBI-FV) in Galveston County, Texas, it is crucial that you contact hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you on your case. Misdemeanor assault carries a punishment of up to one year (1 year) in the county jail and up to a four thousand dollar ($4,000) fine.DOMESTIC ABUSEAn assault against a family member in Texas is a Class A Misdemeanor, unless you have two prior convictions of assault on a family member. I imagine that if we would look at the geographic distribution among non-Hispanic whites we would see that some areas of the US have a European-range assault death rate. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., announces legislation to protect Peace Corps sexual assault victims and whistle-blowers.
I extracted the assault deaths according to the same criteria the OECD uses (for the time period in question, ICD-10 codes X85-Y09 and Y87.1).

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