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After being arrested, Losier, Goldenberg, Klippenstein, and a fourth protester were taken to a CPD station on the corner of West 51st Street and South Wentworth Avenue around 3 p.m.
Goldenberg said he was not read his Miranda rights upon arrest or at any other point during his detention. Lynda Daher, director of the Bias Response Team, arrived at the scene of the protest after the arrests had been made on Sunday.
The ordeal prompted STOP member and seventh-year anthropology graduate student Duff Morton to write a petition demanding that the University explain the violence perpetrated against the protesters by UCPD officers, drop the charges on the arrested, and increase communication with the community regarding the protest and trauma center. The delivery of the petition to Vazquez and the UCMC was preluded by a press conference on the steps of the Administration Building, where speakers made their case for both UCPD accountability regarding the violence and arrests, and the right of community members to a trauma center.
The University issued a statement regarding the arrests, writing, “University officials are working to better understand and address the incident, including reviews of video recorded at the scene and interviews with witnesses.
Sure, the UCPD could have probably done a more professional job of handling the confrontation and arrests, but if they have little to no experience in crowd control then it would be unreasonable to expect anything more.

Finally, even if a trauma center were opened there is no sidestepping the fact that it is a symptomatic response to the high level of gun violence in Chicago, and not a long-term solution. The University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics provides more free and subsidized care than any other University Hospital in the country, and by a wide margin. We should also address the issue that Chicago traffic can, at times, be so bad that time from the South Side to Northwestern can definitely be an hour or more (I know, I’ve driven it a million times). Fourth-year SHE member Nastasia Tangherlini said the group of protesters had been prepared for UCPD to ask participants several times to move and then threaten arrest if they did not comply as they had during the two former sit-ins she had participated in. She sat down in the doorway because she was one of five protesters who had prepared to be arrested. He was arrested during the sit-in and charged with a misdemeanor of resisting arrest, though he was not part of the group that intended to be arrested.
Losier asked for the Dean-on-Call as another officer grabbed his other hand and started arresting him.

Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers were present at the demonstration after protesters were removed from the building. A small group of the protesters were prepared to be arrested during the occupation of the hospital property, according to Darius Lightfoot, co-founder of FLY. It seems like their intention was to disobey police, disrupt hospital business, and get arrested.
Two of the arrested protesters, Alex Goldenberg and a 17-year-old local high school student, were part of this group.
Marie Crandall of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine has studied gunshot victims in Chicago, and found that transport times do affect their chances of survival.

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