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I believe Arizona has private prisons because of large campaign contributions from prison corporations like GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America. It took a lawsuit to produce the quality comparison and the results showed more staff turnover, lower staff qualifications and more cases of violence than the state prisons. The Republican led legislature is now trying to insure that there is no comparison at all having proposed a bill eliminating all future cost and quality reviews for private prisons. The current Arizona legislature will never increase the tax base to support the rising incarceration rates.

Then through ALEC, these corporations help write legislation like SB 1070 and three strikes that keeps Arizona’s prison population soaring at an unsustainable rate. The main measure of quality is the rate of recidivism, and low and behold, none of the corporations running the private prisons measure this. According to the AFSC, “The move would ensure that the public would have no way of knowing whether the state’s private prisons are saving money, rehabilitating prisoners, or ensuring public safety.” In addition, the Republican led legislature has killed 10 bills to either bring the private prisons under state standards or to provide oversight where there is none. Beholding to the prison corporations, they will push for more privatization while cutting corporate taxes and claim that the private prisons are good for Arizona.

You are stating that the state has no idea what we spend on prisons when the state managed them 100%.
You manage prisons like any other past public services that are now private – you do it with contracts and contract compliance.

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