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But if u want free calls, you need to have a smart phone where you can download the program *groove ip*… thiss willb allow u to make.
You may get a free handset but you still have to pay to get it activated and since it was "free" you have to go by the regulations of the place where you got your free cell phone from.
Its a trick I went on there and it said free activation, but then I ended up buying it from the link below.
Some people simply forget about the offer, some lose the rebate coupon, while some just keep postponing till the money-back offer expires.
What they will certainly NOT be telling you is that the rate plans offered tend to be the most expensive ones.

If you are on the look out for a "free" cell phone, it might just become more costly than buying one. Which is not to say that free cell phone offers are terrible but just that they are not free. Some companies do offer free cell phones, but they require you to participate in a competition or draw.
Sometimes they offer famous cell phones like "Iphone 4" or "Blackberry", but they also have terms and conditions. You can search for offers in your locale for further details and if you are lucky, you will get a free cell phone.This is a great answer and is very accurate however there are places you can get a high end free phone with new service or an upgrade.

Yes there is usually a new activation charge but sometimes not depending on what's advertised and 2 year contracts but it's the contract that make up the companies loss on the free phones.

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