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A security researcher got an eyeful of a sex worker's client base when he investigated a VoIP service whose disposable "burner" phone numbers are being recycled. A security researcher got an eyeful of a sex worker's client base when he investigated a VoIP service whose "burner" phone numbers are being recycled. It turns out the disposable numbers aren't being disposed of -- they're being given to the next customer in line.
Beck found out quickly and explicitly that the service had issued him the "disposable" number of an escort -- and her clients clearly thought she was still at the same number. When he started the engagement, he initiated the "burner" number and moved to other work to let the trial period run out.
Burner numbers aren't "fake" phone numbers; they can be used like a regular number, including text functions -- and as Beck found out, also for exchanging SMS photos.

Beck explained that none of the previous number's clients had any clue that they had been contacting their escort via a burner number -- or more importantly, that it was now in possession of another person altogether. He wants his experience to be a warning to anyone thinking that "burner" phone number apps expire your number immediately -- or don't recycle them. A "burner" typically refers to a throwaway prepaid cell phone, made popular in the US by the HBO series "The Wire", where burner phones were used by drug dealers to evade wiretapping. A burner app has many practical everyday uses, such as allowing people to buy and sell things on Craigslist or eBay without compromising their phone number privacy. Burner numbers are a particularly smart privacy safeguard for women who want to try out online dating.
Beck tells us, "When a traditional number is deactivated there is a period of callers receiving that, 'This number is no longer is service', a constant busy signal, text messages failing to deliver, or some other subtle means of letting the caller know that the number is dead.

Beck seems to think that protecting ourselves from scenarios like this means a shift in the way we think of phone numbers. Click "burn" and the Burner number goes out of service, wiping it from your phone and stopping texts or calls to the number.

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