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Method 2: Block a Number That Has Recently Called YouIf someone has recently called you, like a telemarketer or a bill collector, chances are they're not in your contacts list.
You're Done!Now those annoying phone calls from telemarketers, spammers and your parents are a thing of the past. I think it's great that a text terrorist can be texting away and you never see a text from them.
After finishing with Method 3, you can delete that pesky number from your contacts, so it won't clog up the contact list - it still remains blocked.
In this article, we will check out some really funny prank call ideas to make you and your friends cry with laughter.
A slight variation of the above idea is that you could call up your friend pretending to be that girl he likes.
Not to worry, it's actually even easier to block a number from your recent calls list.Launch the Phone app and select the Recents tab to see all your recent calls.
So that if they are one of those list of people you don't want to talk to your phone doesn't ever dial that #. There is just something so devilish about making prank calls to others and disturbing them in the dead of the night which appeals to the pubescent young souls of kids looking for something exciting and devious to do! Tell the guys that the number belongs to this really hot girl and its her birthday and tell them to wish her.
Say you have an ex and you accidentally hit the person or you are drunk and are drunk dialing an ex your phone goes into DRUNK MODE!
The only blocking "effect" is that your phone won't ring and you don't see their calls coming in and it does not register on your recent calls list. So now if you're having a sleepover at your place and want to make some funny prank calls, here are some ideas which you can use. Android Phone Apps Amazon Appstore: Google Play doesn't have the monopoly on Android apps, as Amazon has its foot firmly in the door too. Having Android Device Manager installed will allow you to track your phone, reset the screen lock, or in a worst case scenario wipe all the data from the phone. It will detect and eliminate any malicious spyware or trojans that are hiding in your phone or tablet, as well as preventing any unauthorised access to personal and location data.
This handy little app can take a look at your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts and show exactly what you're sharing to the public. You get the option to lock any app on your phone with either a pattern, password, or passcode (but not more than one).
Direct from the app you can then turn scanned documents into PDFs, email them and, for premium users, you have access to an OCR function that will transform them into a text document. Unified Remote will connect to your computer and turns your phone into a mouse, keyboard, or media remote.
Better still, it also has speech recognition, so if you're on holiday you can use it to help you translate some of the local lingo straight from the source. It's everything you can do on the full version of Amazon, but with the added bonus that you can use it to compare prices on the go.
You can send payments securely and safely, withdraw any unspent funds, pretty much everything you could do on PayPal, but in the palm of your hand. You can use this to your advantage -- you can look up trains, see when they'll leave, and more importantly how long they'll take.

In addition to figuring out the song from a clip, you can also sing or hum the song and Soundhound will tell you what's been bugging you all day. You can even apply filters to give your photos that faux historical look if that's your thing.
The idea is that you can send a picture to a friend and they have up to 10 seconds to view it before it's deleted forever. Boasting speedy responses, and the option to sync all your bookmarks, tabs, and history to your phone, it's ideal for any regular Firefox user. While this may seem strange, it comes with its advantages: like Firefox, you can sign in and sync all your bookmarks, settings, and even the tabs you have open.
Viber works exactly like an ordinary phone call but instead of eating through your allocated network minutes, the call is sent via the internet.
Time Pin will ensure that the security number to unlock your phone changes regularly, based on either the current date, or time. Straight out of the box you can control a number of programmes on your Mac, including iTunes, VLC, Spotify, Quicktime, and iPhoto. Link Bubble will load it in the background so that you can continue doing whatever you're doing until it's ready. Plus they're offering unlimited cloud storage, so you can access your message archives from any of your devices. IFTTT lets you create "recipes", which are basically commands that let you do cool things with your phone. Maybe you want all your Instagram photos automatically shared to Flickr, or a text message whenever you get a Twitter notification -- well IFTTT will do it for you. You could install the AdBlock app, but that involves using the Amazon App store which can be a hassle. Copy Bubble gives you an easily accessible copy menu where you can store everything ready for when you need it. Rather than allowing someone permanent access, the sender has the ability to wipe the file from the other person's phone. Anyone who can connect to the Chromecast in question can add a song to a shared queue, and anyone can downvote songs they don't want to hear.
Songs can be removed by the host, the person who queued them, or if the majority of people downvote it. Fortunately if you have a device that has Android 4.3 and above, you can download Heads Up!
Commandr is a way to fix that, by utilising Google Now and allow you to control more aspects of your phone.
Endless Jabber is similar, except instead of simply reading things like texts you can send them from your computer.
Castround is a nifty little tool that will show you a real-time view of what's going on in a particular area so you can find out what's going on in the places that matter to you.
The key feature of the app is that regardless of how you hold your phone, the camera will always record video horizontally. That's what people will be saying in a few years, because Hangouts has just made it redundant by offering VoIP calls. While you do need to have the app downloaded, you'll be able to make the calls from the regular Hangouts messenger app.

For the three of you who actually used Google Voice, don't worry: Hangouts will use your existing Google Voice number. Essentially you'll be streaming PC games to your mobile, and the free version will only work for up to 10 minutes meaning you can try it and make sure it all works before you spend anything. By using RingSmart you can set your phone's ringer to adjust automatically depending on your location and time of day, saving you the hassle of remembering to do it yourself.
You can select up to ten photos to send each time, and they can be sent to any smart device that has the app installed. Of course 'any smart device' does not include Windows Phone because the app isn't available there. The launcher learns how you use your phone so it can get you to your apps faster, while also letting you scribble letters on screen as a searching mechanism. Floatify will give you the Lollipop notification system that displays a head-up window from which you can interact with your notifications as and when they arrive. This is firmly for phones in the 'do not' category, just as long as they're running Lollipop. It's all free, there's no watermarking, and you can even record audio for a commentary at the same time.
They can be music files, video files, pictures, and many other things, and the transfer itself promises to be 128 times faster than your average Bluetooth connection. That's what atHand Tuner is, a tuner for a variety of musical instruments that's safely kept on your phone and watch. Deactivating notifications on an app-by-app basis can be tricky, and might even deactivate the useful notifications that you want to see.
This is the fourth version of the app, which comes with new features like searchable transport directions to any place you like, a favourites menu, and live ETA information.
With ordinary texting and messenger services there's nothing much you can do about it, but reTxt is different. It's a cross-platform messaging app (iOS and Android) that works exactly like any texting app, except for the fact that it lets you delete or edit texts you've already sent. Atari Fit aims to give you an incentive to do some exercise, by rewarding you with points that you can spend on classic Atari games.
Drupe will keep all your contacts in one place, and lets you set your preferred method of communication which you can access with a swipe of the screen.
Designed to be secure and easily accessible, it should have ample room to back up all the important data you store on your phone. Not only can you open and view PDFs that you have saved, you can also create your own, or convert PDFs into editable word processor filetypes. So wherever you are, or wherever your files are, you'll be able to access them from anywhere. Gallery Doctor will do that for you, by deleting any duplicate photos, or photos that it deems 'bad'.

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