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As explained in the above video rebuttal, I have come to the conclusion that Tony Morris is an evil and dangerous man. Whether the story was true or not, it only gave further validation to my new consideration of Tony Morris as an evil and dangerous man. After hearing Morris iii speak It reminded me of things I heard spoken as I was growing up , going to the conventions , assemblies and KH’s .
The DVD, which is introduced by Governing Body member Anthony Morris III, features two short animated films centering around the exploits of a fictional young boy named Caleb.

The film is introduced by Anthony Morris III, who was apparently chosen to represent the Governing Body in introducing this film because he is one of the few members who actually has parental experience. Obviously, when Anthony Morris III made the above comments in late 2005 he had no idea that within only seven years they would be proven as utterly false and misleading by a jury’s verdict in a court of law.
Indeed, when Anthony Morris III made the above quoted remarks in 2005 I was still serving as a Ministerial Servant, and had yet to be appointed an elder.
However, despite being fictional, Anthony Morris has himself admitted in his opening remarks to the DVD that the films are intended to have an impact on impressionable young minds.

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