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I first met Anthony Acosta about 15 years ago when he was an up-and-coming skater and I was a local hack photographer. For more on Anthony Acosta, check out his website, follow him on Instagram or purchase one of his prints here. Since then, Anthony has positioned himself on the other side of the lens and matured into one of skateboarding’s premier photographers.

Acosta's role was to ensure Levec's deliveries and dealings were handled without interference or intervention.
In 1988, Levec was working with a dealer named Melendez (because Acosta does not trust Anglos) for drug deliveries, but was thwarted twice--once at the Orange Bowl, then at Big Cypress, by a band of Native American commandos whose goal is to stop the drugs, because the money from the drugs is being funneled into the Miccosukee tribe by Chief Jumper. Levec, angered about these breaches in security, tried to get the Chief to control his braves, when that fails, Levec kills Acosta by drowning, then stuffs his body into an aquarium.

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