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The true story of how a marine sea lion named Andre befriended a little girl and her family, circa 1962. May 19, 1946: Andre Rene Rousimoff was born is Grenouble, France to two parents who were both over six feet tall.
Andre Rousimoff left home at the tender age of 14, stood 6’3″ and weighed over 200 pounds! Andre The Giant slowly made his way through virtually every regional promotion in the country.
Andre The Giant teamed with Dusty Rhodes to win the NWA United States (Tri-State) Tag Team Titles. The site of the very first Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant match was the old Houston Farm Center in Dothan, AL.
Andre The Giant was the first wrestler ever to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. November 13, 1984: Big John Studd and Ken Patera defeated Andre The Giant and Special Delivery Jones in a tag team match. 1986: Andre returned to the WWF, under a mask, with a pair of partners, in a team known as The Machines. The Machines were never exposed, and they turned into a comedy act, and eventually faded away from TV.

1987: Andre the Giant returned again to the WWF, and ended up joining Bobby Heenan, and challenged Hulk Hogan for WM3! Wrestlemania III: Hulk Hogan defeated Andre The Giant in front of the largest card ever held in the United States. Jimmy Hart came the closes but Andre publically refused to join his group and was then attacked by Earthquake!
1992: Andre The Giant had undergone extensive knee surgery and became increasingly overweight and immobile. December 1992: Andre The Giant continued to wrestle, however, appearing for the last time on a card in Japan. January 27, 1993: Andre Rene Roussimoff (Andre The Giant) died of a heart attack in a hotel room in Paris.
Washington Redskins head coach George Allen once offered Andre the Giant a contract to play professional football. Andre The Giant was probably six feet eleven inches tall, though he was advertised as seven feet four inches. Andre The Giant weighed close to five hundred pounds and was famous for his immense capacity for alcohol and food.
Andre The Giant, who never married, lived most of the year on a 200-acre ranch in Ellerbe, North Carolina.There is a Canadian woman named Jean Christensen who claims to have been the wife of Andre the Giant.

2013: WWE unveils a new Andre the Giant statue at their corproate headquarters in Stamford, CT. April 6, 2014: WWE will host an Andre the Giant memorial 30-man Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans, LA.
Andre’s daughter Robin was concieved in Canada, most likely Vancouver, BC in a one night stand. Andre always denied she was his daughter, although the resemblance was obvious, but eventually a paternity test in a child support case proved it.
It told stories on how much he ate, and mentioned he had a brother in wrestling who was almost as big as he was, who wrestled in France, Antonine, who was 6-7.
For what it’s worth, they never claimed the story then about the 7-8 grandfather which Andre would tell in the 80s, although attempts to corroborate such a grandfather existed always ended up finding nothing.

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