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I thought it might be helpful to walk you through the steps for creating a family history book that goes back more than five generations.
I can add Karl Speth’s ancestors to my book by creating a new family tree page starting with him. You can use this process to add family history charts starting with anyone in your tree, which is a good way to include distant ancestors as well as collateral ancestors like aunts, uncles and cousins.
Here you will find informational, and sometimes fun, posts from the folks behind the scenes here at Ancestry.

But there’s no limit to the number of generations or the number of ancestors you can include in your book. The format you choose determines what kind of chart appears on the first page of your book and which ancestors are automatically included in your book. Once you’ve created all the family history charts you want to include in your book, you’re just getting to the fun part: adding photos and stories and customizing the design of your book.
We hope you’ll notice just how passionate we are about family history and about the products we’re building to help connect families over distance and time.

I can easily include those more distant ancestors in my book by inserting additional pages. Note that I also have the option of adding other family history pages — family group sheets, timelines and record pages — for the people in the new family tree chart.

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