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I read one of his novels many years ago and was enchanted by the raw emotion in what was, after all, a work by a practicing psychoanalyst. Allen Wheelis stands out in this fallow field for the elegiac sinuousness of his prose, his tonic grimness (“Life is unmanageable, escapes reason”) and his willingness to drop the therapist’s cloaked persona for a literary one that is more authentic and less elevated.
Wheelis’s propensity for self-incriminating and ruthless candor is unmistakeable: his writing, scattered with shards of autobiographical and even confessional material, would be courageous in an ordinary writer. Wheelis, who was married twice and had three children, achieved renown as a psychoanalyst in San Francisco, where he saw patients for more than five decades.

Wheelis grew up in genteel poverty in rural Texas under the rule of a failed, humorless sadist of a father.
Wheelis’s credentials as a healer were sterling: after graduating from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in 1943, he served as a Navy medical officer in the Pacific Theater. When, as a young boy, Wheelis came home with a poor grade for conduct, he was made to spend the entire summer cutting the grass with a razor; this punishment is chillingly depicted again and again in his books.
His self-effacing mother (who agreed, on her dying husband’s insistence, never to remarry) became ever more emotionally dependent on her son after his father died a drawn-out death from tuberculosis at the age of 43, when Wheelis was 9.

Conjectural excess has always been our method.”) One of his writing’s more compelling aspects, which can be felt in all of the 14 books he wrote — the best known of which is “How People Change” — is the seeming ease with which he divulges his own unrequited needs, implacable fears and unacceptable impulses in the name of illuminating his patients’ and readers’ neurotic quandaries.

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