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LinkedIn is known for providing an amazing connection and networking service, with many of its best and most useful tools available for free.
These three useful features include the Advanced Search, Who’s Viewed Your Profile and InMail. Here are three of the benefits that may have you wanting to switch from a free account to a LinkedIn Premium account. The left section of the Advanced Search is available to all LinkedIn members and includes several fields such as keywords, location and company. Both paid and free members can use the Relationship, Groups, Location, Current Company, Industry, Past Company, School and Language fields in the Advanced Search. Company Size—This can be beneficial; for example, for businesses that target small businesses and freelancers (select the 1-10 option), members looking for very large businesses (select the 10,000+ option) or any size in between.
Seniority Level—Narrow your search by seniority levels such as VP, manager, senior, owner and partner.
Quickly search for people like industry experts and entrepreneurs with the Interested In field. For example, you may want to search for facilitators within your local area whom you may not already be connected with but you share a group with.

Another example would be if you were looking to connect with the Communications VPs of Fortune 50 companies whom you share a connection or group with. As a free member, you can save three searches, while Premium members have the ability to save up to 7 with the additional bonus of 500 profiles showing up in the search results rather than the standard 100 that comes with free membership.
Saved Searches make it easy to locate new people in your network who meet your search requirements. For best results when contacting these prospects, send them a personalized connection request to start a conversation with them, rather than mentioning you saw they viewed your profile. Also located on the Who’s Viewed Your Profile page is a list of keywords that people have used to search when they viewed your profile. With this information you can choose to further optimize your profile with these keywords or, if those are not the keywords you wish to be found for, you can go back and re-optimize your profile for the keywords you want to be found for. The View by Industry area will help you highlight the top industries of people who have viewed your profile.
While the paid LinkedIn service is not for everyone, I hope that I have provided you the information you need to decide whether LinkedIn Premium membership is right for you and your business. In the right-hand section of the Advanced Search are several Premium fields that are valuable because of their ability to help you greatly narrow down and target your searches.

There are a number of options that allow you to select the Fortune 50, Fortune 501-1000 and several choices in between. For this search, you would type “communications” into the keyword field, select Location Anywhere and then check 2nd Connections and Group Members from Relationship, VP from Seniority Level and Fortune 50 under the Fortune 1000 section.
Not only will this feature remember your search, it will also send you weekly or monthly notices of any new member profiles that become a part of your network. If it is appropriate for your business, you may wish to consider reaching out to people located in the top countries on your list to expand your market. You might choose to send these to people with whom you would like to connect before you send a LinkedIn connection request to see if they’d be open to connecting with you on LinkedIn.
You can also scan these new profiles from the Saved Search Tab by clicking on the number under New.
While free members can only see the last five people to have viewed their profile, Premium members get the full list of people from the last 90 days.

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