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By this time, you’ve probably heard us talk about something called “Caller ID.” For those of you that haven’t, Caller ID is Whitepages’ very own Android app that identifies unknown calls, gives those calls a spam ranking and easily allows for call blocking. Block unwanted callers: Having more control over your calls means you should also get to choose which calls you receive. When you meet someone for the first time, it’s not always easy to remember a name or to tie a face and name together. By seamlessly integrating Caller ID with your social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, your phone does most of the work related to remembering names and faces for you. Step 2: After you hit “search” you will be directed to a page that will list all of the individuals under your friend’s name that are living in the location you entered. From mailing out holiday cards to sending out wedding invites, it’s important to have your address book up to date. At this point, you will see the identities of the people associated with that address, and nearby neighbors. From updating friend’s phone numbers in your contact list to identifying addresses and who they belong to – Whitepages is here to help streamline your spring cleaning woes.
In the case of Whitepages, this trend squarely positions us as a key player in enabling exciting new technologies, whether that’s software, wearables or gadgets. White Pages can search for a person’s address in their large directory assistance database to see who is listed. Many people limit the number of apps they have on their phones for a variety of reasons, while others are quick to test a cool new app out immediately, but will soon delete it if it isn’t worth keeping around. Whitepages Caller ID not only identifies the person or company trying to call your phone, it also lets you know if that person has been reported in the past as a telemarketer, scammer or annoying caller. With the Whitepages Caller ID app, you can customize how your caller identity shows up when calling other app users.
Caller ID users that you’ve stored as a contact will automatically show the person’s most up-to-date profile picture and name. You’re in luck – your friend updated her Whitepages listing, allowing her family and friends to see her most recent mobile number.

Add that name to your mobile contact list, and you’re one step closer to an organized, efficient phone. Though you may see addresses when using the “People Search” tool, you might not have an answer for the addresses you jotted down in the past (and can’t remember who they belong to). We have a way for you to (super) efficiently clean up your contacts list with Whitepages Caller ID. The reason why has to do with our Identity Graph, which is a powerful indexing engine that helps people control their digital identity, and then connect, collaborate and ultimately be more productive with other individuals. When ever someone would want a phone number or address they would go and open the yellow pages paperback book. Just enter 1 piece of information and the website will run a reverse lookup for the rest of the information. But no matter how you find and organize the apps you use, knowing what to look for in a high-quality mobile app definitely makes the process easier. Whitepages Caller ID delivers info on incoming calls and texts, giving you complete coverage on both methods of communication. Keeping names and faces straight in your mind probably isn’t a problem you’ve really thought about, but it’s an issue that can impact your social and professional lives.
Some of your spring chores, like tidying up your phone’s contacts, may sound daunting, but Whitepages is here to help. If your friend has not updated her listing, you may see just a landline associated with her name. Follow the two simple steps below and your addresses will be cleaned up and ready for use in no time.
Along with the more tangible products, there were also new mobile OS’s like FirefoxOS and Tizen (Samsung), which are starting to gain share around the globe, especially in lower-end handsets in developing countries. It was started in 2005 and today is a striving directory slowly gaining its rank in the telephone directory business becoming into the white pages of the internet.. Whitepages Caller ID leverages a reliable, consistently updated database to provide you the best info possible.

So whether you want to block that telemarketer, or don’t ever want to take a call from your exe again, Whitepages Caller ID has you covered.
This way your phone becomes a much more modern version of the classic desktop Rolodex, but one that contains pictures, addresses and phone numbers. The main purpose of the company is to provide the stay at home consumer a paperless directory to find someone or something they are looking for.
When you connect Whitepages Caller ID to one of your social profiles, you automatically get your name and photo updated on your caller identity.
Update your Whitepages listing to prevent your friends and family from being unable to find your mobile information in the future.
If you have a phone number and want a address the reverse lookup will find you the rest of the contact information. When you see someone you recognize, but whose name you can’t quite remember, try checking your phone.
From there, you can easily add the contact to your phone to save his or her name and address information from the Whitepages directory – spring cleaning doesn’t get much easier than that. If you have a address then plug it in and the reverse lookup will find you the missing information.
If they’re also a Caller ID user and you’ve saved them as a contact, then you’ll have their name and photo at the ready. So there’s no need to have “Spam” or “Fraud” contacts in your address book – Caller ID will detect them for you!

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