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After having it on the knife for a few days now, I can say it is a very good upgrade to the Gen 1 ZT 0550. An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere. Tank-tough custom knife design by Rick Hinderer for the professional adventurer and warfighter!
The deep pocket carry-clip is a welcome addition to the ZT Hinderer and helps maintain a low profile. Having known custom maker and designer Rick Hinderer for many years, and wrote the first feature about his knives in TK.
The 0560 was announced at the 2011 Blade Show with much fanfare and the award for “Best Collaboration of 2011.” The 0560 is based of the XM-18, a custom combat folder that has quickly become Rick’s “signature” knife.
I had practically given up on trying to find an XM-18, and since Rick is several years behind on orders, I was thrilled to get a sample of the production ZT 0560 knife, which has a nearly identical shape but a few innovations of its own.

The all new Darkangel 900 from Steel Will Knives features a 5.83-inch blade made from N690Co steel that is both corrosion resistant and simple to sharpen. Hogue's three new automatic folding knives are spring-loaded versions of the company's EX-01, EX-03 and EX-04 Tactical Folding Knives. Caswell’s new pocket-clip EDC folders pack a serious worK ethic and a secret that have to be used to be believed! For one thing, it looks so much better than the stock Kershaw clip they put on there, because it matches the titanium handle slab perfectly, and the shape matches the lines of knife much better. The knife is now much easier and faster to deploy from my pocket, and it slips on much easier as well. I was always impressed by Rick’s grasp of knifemaking technology and how to merge that into his highly technical but practical handmade knives.
Titianium is a very good memory metal, so what that means is, is that the clip presses less on the locking bar putting less spring pressure on the locking bar, thus allowing the ball bearing to slip out of the detent that much easier, especially when carrying in the manner I described.

From tip to stern, the 0560 exhibits some pretty radical materials and engineering that takes limited production knife performance to a very high level. If you don't, here is the low down - the detent in the blade where the ball bearing sits in when the knife is closed is very deep and cut very sharp, thus the knife, when new, is VERY hard to open one handed.
But what I do know is that after I put this clip on, the knife was now about 85% easier to open!
This may be (short of custom G-10 scales) the best practical upgrade you can make to this knife.
The second thing to do is let the knife sit for week halfway opened so that the ball bearing spring is compressed, which will help to soften the spring a bit, and both of those things combined will make the knife about 50% easier to open.

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