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WinGate therapists and field staff never allow judgments, labels, or diagnoses interfere with what we have in common—our humanity.
WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy program for troubled teens and young adults, which offer hope and healing.
With over 80 years of collective experience with wilderness therapy programs, we know how to help troubled teens and struggling young adults find a new direction and purpose in life.
Essentially, our synergistic approach combines the life-changing elements of a wilderness experience with the best of proven therapeutic practices. WinGate Wilderness Therapy Program was created to lead the family back to a pathway of harmony and balance, replacing resistance with responsiveness. The Wingate Wilderness Therapy program provides safe and proven therapeutic intervention for boys and girls. WinGate Wilderness Therapy Program was formed by a group of seasoned professionals who have teamed up to become owners and operators of an innovative wilderness program, based on solid wilderness therapy principles. DURHAM, New Hampshire – Adolescents participating in wilderness and adventure therapy programs are at significantly less risk of injury than those playing football and are three times less likely to visit the emergency room for an injury than if they were at home, a new study by University of New Hampshire researchers finds. University of New Hampshire professor Michael Gass (left) and doctoral student Steve Javorski found that adolescents participating in adventure therapy programs are at significantly less risk of injury than those playing football and were three times less likely to visit the emergency room for an injury than if they were at home. Adventure therapy, described as the prescriptive use of wilderness adventure experiences to improve the mental health of clients, primarily serves adolescents and is often seen as a treatment of “last resort” for these youth, who typically present with three or more dysfunctional behaviors such as depression, substance abuse, and suicidal ideologies. For this study, Gass and Javorski looked at incident and illness data collected by the 12 adventure therapy programs that comprise the Outdoor Behavioral Health Industry Council for 2011. Adventure therapy programs boast even stronger safety records when compared to other common activities of adolescents.

What’s more, the effectiveness of these programs makes them not just safe but saviors to parents of the very troubled adolescent clients.
In response to the growth in the wilderness therapy field, UNH launched the nation’s first dual social work-outdoor education degree in 2009; the two-and-a-half-year program awards both a master’s in social work and a master’s in kinesiology.
The University of New Hampshire, founded in 1866, is a world-class public research university with the feel of a New England liberal arts college. The Master of Social Work & Master of Science Program in Adventure Therapy from CHHS Video, UNH on Vimeo. So it's understandable that most programs rely on level systems, rewards, punishments, and other behavioral techniques to manage client behavior. This research validated approach to wilderness-based treatment makes our work more difficult, but it makes our work work! WinGate is designed for troubled teens and young adults, offering two distinctly separate wilderness programs addressing the needs of two very different age groups. We are considered a therapeutic transitional living program where we teach independent living skills that lead to a healthy balanced life. There are no words that properly capture or describe the magical transformation that our students experience while addressing their issues in a wilderness setting. We are here to say "there-is-hope" and you will find it through our wilderness therapeutic outdoor adventure. As you read and learn more about our breakthrough wilderness therapy programs, you’ll come to understand why WinGate is setting a new standard in wilderness therapy that gives families a deep sense of emotional relief in the context of unconditional help and support.
At WinGate Wilderness Therapy, you can rest assured that your child will receive appropriate treatment in a caring and professional environment.

WinGate combines clinical expertise, the best practices of wilderness therapy, and an unmatched approach to treatment to produce lasting and internalized change.
These findings, based on an analysis of risk management data from 12 programs providing outdoor behavioral healthcare in 2011, were reported in the latest issue of the Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. Gass, a leading expert in the field, estimates that there are more than 200 such programs nationwide ranging from multimillion dollar programs to individual counselors who might informally take a group or class into the woods. Injuries during high school football games are more than 140 times greater than those in adventure therapy programs, which boast lower injury rates than snowboarding, downhill skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, and football practice.
As the field has developed, says Gass, risk management standards have improved; he notes that the programs in the OBHIC are among the leaders in the field. Graduates of the program, administered by Gass and Anita Tucker, assistant professor of social work, are all working in the expanding field of adventure therapy. He and his colleagues are researching how and why adventure therapy works, but he is confident that their potency is at the intersection of adventure programming and therapy.
WinGate is the best wilderness therapy program with residential therapy and behavioral therapy for troubled boys and girls, as well as for struggling young men and young women.
Most of our parents and students come from California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

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