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Imagine what the world would be like if wilderness guides of the future became organic farmers. To be a wilderness guide and a farmer at this time in history is to know what it feels like to beat a drum in the darkness, and to bare witness to a sacred wound that seems to never stop bleeding. These are the questions that have come full circle, leading wilderness guides and agriculturalists to an important moment in human history.
Pacific Quest, a holistic wilderness therapy program in Hawaii, has been able to help those adolescents and young adults feeling depressed, anxious, and trapped by their internet, video game, and tech addictions. Pacific Quest is a well-rounded program that aims to empower students by teaching them life skills, healthy habits, and ways to cope with their issues and everyday pressures, such as the internet. Pacific Quest wilderness therapy for adolescents and young adult in Hawaii is one such program. Pacific Quest incorporates healthy living, a high level of clinical care with both individual and group therapy time, horticulture therapy, and other aspects that create and reinforce well-being in order to help young people through their addictions and behavior issues.
If you’d like to learn more about internet addiction and how Pacific Quest’s wilderness therapy program can help, please contact us at 808-937-5806.
Wilderness therapy, like Pacific Quest, can be the solution for addressing the variousaspects of these addictions. To help, we’ve compiled a list of symptoms of teenagers who are struggling with some sort of issue, like internet addiction, as well as some information on how wilderness therapy can provide your son or daughter with healing from these addictive behaviors. Getting therapy for a personal struggle that has you feeling down doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depressed, but you realize you need outside help to get you back on track. Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program understands that online addiction is a serious issue that may be a sign of an underlying condition – such as depression, for example.
The wilderness therapy program at Pacific Quest offers a unique whole-person, nature-based model for healing from the effects of the various addictions associated with today’s social media surge.
Contact Pacific Quest to find out more about our dynamic medium for therapeutic growth and whole person wellness. It takes time to unravel the issues behind video game and internet addiction, but wilderness therapy has been an invaluable resource for adolescents and young adults struggling with them. Because teenagers’ brains are still developing, adolescence is an ideal time for outdoor therapy.
Pacific Quest’s therapeutic model is based on personalized clinical care with a holistic approach. Working for Outback Therapeutic Expeditions is an experience that will challenge and reward you in countless ways as you touch the lives of students in your care. Big City Mountaineers anticipates hiring two male and two female Overnight Camp Instructors to assist in leading the 2015 BCM Overnight Program season. They will be responsible for following the Overnight Program camp schedule, and getting campers to programs and activities on time. Course duration depends on the type of program and age of the participants, but most commonly is 3-5 days long.
With a foundation in outdoor education, Adventure Links at Hemlock Overlook is committed to providing quality adventure programs — from summer adventure camps to custom corporate retreats. The spring and fall seasons focus on team building and environmental education programs for school and community groups, while the summer ushers in children camp programs, with activities that include a challenge course, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, caving, environmental education, white water rafting and more.
We take great pride in offering a diversity of programs, allowing campers to partake in a wide range of activities. With advanced skills and training, wilderness counselors can qualify to take out-of-camp trips for girls of all ages. We hire creative, fun, inspiring individuals who demonstrate a desire to work with younger children and who have strong character, leadership skills, and experience to teach in our program areas. From a staff member’s point of view, our administrative staff, support staff and counseling staff for all programs are considered one team. As a world renowned therapeutic program for struggling adolescents and young adults, Pacific Quest is proud to be part of the 2013 Wilderness Therapy Symposium. The annual Wilderness Therapy Symposium is hosted by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council (OBHIC), which was founded in 1997.
Pacific Quest outdoor therapy program is setting new standards in quality care and integrative whole-person wellness for struggling teens and young adults. As the Recruiter at Pacific Quest, I speak to potential Program Guide applicants and current staff on a daily basis.
Pacific Quest staff work hard to not have a perception of being intimidating or above anyone else. Pacific Quest outdoor therapy program is pleased to announce the hiring of Maile Green, ND, LAc, RN to our innovative wellness team . Prior to joining the Pacific Quest team, Maile was a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist at Boulder Natural Health.
Pacific Quest students harvested and offered 25 pounds of taro leaf for the voyager’s first meal. There are several models of therapy, such as psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Group therapy provides a safe, supportive space for a group of people suffering from similar issues to share their struggles and journey with others who can empathize and offer insight from their own experiences.
Similar to in-patient treatment in that these programs are time spent away from trouble sources, wilderness therapy uses nature to spur change and can place a bigger focus on whole-body wellness and more tangible accomplishments. It’s a complete program that can address internet addiction as well as any underlying issues. Here at Pacific Quest, we believe that Internet addictions are serious because of the potential consequences. Players create online personas – or character – then join with others across the globe to accomplish various quests in WoW’s virtual world.
But should it be a problem, wilderness therapy like Pacific Quest can be a great resource for adolescents and young adults who need to learn to live without the game and their online friends and need to build new habits.
Pacific Quest uses the healing power of nature and practices complete wellness, with qualified staff working together on every aspect. Students have discovered the healing powers of horticulture therapy (HT), a formal practice involving the use of plants, the garden and horticultural activities to “promote well-being for its participant.” The benefits of horticulture therapy can take many forms, from physical and cognitive to spiritual and emotional. Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program uses a holistic, clinical approach, which means that students get individual and group therapy to tackle their specific issues and also learn how to take care of themselves. For adolescents’ change to be sustainable, families also need an opportunity to express their feelings, ask questions, and receive help. Each student’s needs are assessed then addressed during individual and topic-specific group therapy time. From Montreal, Quebec to Miami, Florida or from Los Angeles to New York, Makwa covers North America with their tours. Acting as a role model, facilitator and caring listener for a tent group of 5-12 campers, Overnight Camp Instructors will facilitate camp curriculum and program elements including team building activities and group games, wilderness skills lessons, setting up tents, supervising mealtimes, building group camaraderie and ensuring campers safety.
Beginning in mid-June and continuing into mid-August, BCM Overnight Program will conduct 14 camps in Genesee, Colorado. Dragonfly offers field trips, day camps, residential overnights, tented overnights and expeditions, with the potential for multi-week programs. Most programs take place at base camp located in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. Our program day consists of six activity periods, two of which are selected by the campers. We offer programming in backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, white water canoeing, pioneering skills and other activities. This six-hour experiential workshop will explore the theory and innovative practice of Horticultural Therapy. Currently, Pacific Quest is the only behavioral healthcare program of its kind with two full time Naturopathic Doctors on staff. I’m often asked a variety of questions from those interested in applying or currently working in this position. In the end, you would only have a small glimpse into what the day-to-day tasks and situations a Program Guide would encounter in this position.
At the same time, our Program Guides have so much more driving them than a change in location or better weather. Putting your hands through a mound of freshly sifted soil, and having others join you is a genuine therapeutic moment. This starts me thinking about the tangerine tree near my office that provided me with warm juicy snacks throughout the day when I first started working at Pacific Quest.
His education, training, and experience allow him to provide a variety of new and complementary services to Pacific Quest’s dynamic wilderness therapy program. Pacific Quest’s very own Kalani Kahalioumi will be one of the voyaging crew for the Capetown to Panama leg of the worldwide voyage. Students also attended the celebration, which took place at Palekai beach park in Hilo and participated in various activities, including a tour of the sailing vessels, ocean activities– such as stand up paddle boarding, outrigger canoe paddling, sailing and swimming.  Pacific Quest staff and students were eager to show their support for this historic event!
It’s a complex situation that requires attention to each issue making finding a program that’s able to do so very important.
The best choice is usually up to a person’s preferences, but cognitive-behavioral therapy is a popular approach for Internet addiction. They obtain understanding in individual and group therapy and learn life skills that enable them to better cope with the technological temptations back home. Wilderness therapy gets them away from the source of their issue and in an environment that supports change and growth.
That’s why Pacific Quest places such emphasis on robust outdoor activities and interactive exercises to help you or a loved one regain your social health and sense of life-balance.
One reason Pacific Quest works is because it has an individualized, comprehensive and neuro-developmentally informed approach: Everyone is different.
But should outside help be necessary, placing troubled adolescents or young adults with video game or internet addiction in an environment like Pacific Quest wilderness therapy can be incredibly beneficial. When asked Eli what he thought about outdoor therapy programs like the one at Pacific Quest, he emphatically said, “It’s a good idea.

Pacific Quest therapists can work with parents on how to develop parenting skills, communication skills, and ways to support their teen.
Dedicated, passionate, honest, caring, respectful and responsible individuals who desire to be a positive role model to younger staff and program participants will thrive in this environment. Come to Outback Therapeutic Expeditions for a truly life-changing career in wilderness therapy!
The Overnight Program will be conducted at 14 camps in Genesee, Colorado from mid-June through mid-August.
Instructors are responsible for the safety of all participants and the educational experience on all programs.
All of our counselors take part in the evening program with the campers – this is where some of the best memories are made! Other programs include Corporate Team-building, Outdoor Education and Custom Group Adventure Programs.
In a recent interview, Horticultural Therapy Director, Travis Slagle commented, “Horticultural Therapy is an integrative growth-focused treatment model that places the client in a caregiving role, and offers a safe alternative to traditional wilderness therapy.” Participants in this workshop will explore the benefits of outdoor treatment activities that foster a reciprocal relationship with nature that helps clients to cultivate the capacity to care for life and the skills to ensure a sustainable future. Because of this, being a Program Guide requires a great sense of adventure, flexibility and adaptability. Programs have been set up to address internet addiction specifically, but wilderness therapy has been helpful as well. The holistic approach at Pacific Quest wilderness therapy tries to offer a more complete perspective on how negative habits have mental, emotional, and physical consequences. To learn more about how wilderness therapy has successfully treated adolescents and young adults with internet addiction, please contact us. At Pacific Quest we can design strategies that reach our students and move them through a deep and lasting process of change. The use of sustainable growth, horticultural therapy and gardening, focus on health and wellness, and peer culture, complement the individual treatment plan providing the foundation for developing personal awareness and cultivating tools for personal development teens and adolescents with eating disorders. Players can interact with other players by teaming up their characters to go on quests or into battles together. Students have a chance to think about their life’s direction while receiving therapeutic support as they learn and grow. It actually sounds much more fun than playing the game!” While wilderness therapy is about more than providing fun, Pacific Quest’s program is engaging in ways that video games can never be. Pacific Quest wilderness therapy also includes horticulture therapy, which is a tool for getting students active and learning life skills like goal-setting in a calming community setting. For more information on the Mountainside and Riverside programs please refer to the Program information pages. Slagle states, “Adolescents and young adults at Pacific Quest learn to actively care for and engage in the growth and mystery of the natural world, which is fundamental to any effective therapeutic garden program.” This workshop will take place at a nationally recognized therapeutic garden in the Boulder area called Growing Gardens. I encourage people to first check out our updated website, which is full of information (including videos) of our therapeutic model.
With time at Pacific Quest wilderness therapy, internet- or game-addicted teens can find hope of a more balanced life.
With horticulture therapy, gardening activities require team work, planning, and responsibility in order to be successful. Just as with that teenager’s mom, Pacific Quest’s hope is that they provide lessons and skills that can be carried forward into life beyond the program, so students can be successful for years to come.
Wilderness Guides empower adolescents by focusing on their self-esteem, team building and positive decision-making skills. Responsibilities include driving an 8-person passenger van, planning a schedule for the group based on the activities of the program, conduct activities in collaboration with the French management team, and share and discover the North American culture. The great part is, having been a Program Guide myself at Pacific Quest for over a year, I’m in the unique position to share some specific examples. Staff’s deep investment and selflessness allows them to work long days, spend extra time checking in with a struggling teen or young adult and setting up daily therapeutic goals with students. Green will have an integral role offering top-notch care and services for Pacific Quest students and their families. Some adolescents or young adults may find the best help comes through a wilderness therapy program like Pacific Quest.
With this in mind, I’ve decided to use this space to dive a little deeper into the amazing job of Program Guide, including some wisdom from co-workers past and present. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist and Registered Nurse, Maile will work side-by-side with our Medical Director, Naturopathic Doctor Britta Zimmer and Psychiatric Doctor Shelly Ham, working full-time to provide comprehensive “whole person” care for youth enrolled at Pacific Quest.
Because of the heart and dedication of all program staff, this progress in students is continuous and seamless. Apparently these oranges are only found in the district of Ka’u where Pacific Quest is located.

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