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It turns out, there’s a school in our area that teaches people how to survive in the wilderness. KDKA-TV’s David Highfield met up with Erik Kulick, owner of True North Wilderness Survival School, as he took a group of students into the woods of Quebec Run Wild Area in Fayette County. Kulick is trained as a Wilderness EMT and wants people to have enough knowledge to be prepared for similar situations. Some of the courses currently listed on the True North Wilderness Survival School are $75, but an advanced survival class that stretches over the course of several days is $420. Choosing candidates for NASA’s 21st astronaut class proved to be nothing short of daunting,  but now, after the 18-month search, eight men and women from around the country have begun training in Houston with hopes of one day stepping foot on something just a little more foreign than Texan soil. The training program for the potential astronauts began in August and will last for about two years.
All eight astronaut candidates including Tyler Hague, Andrew Morgan and Nicole Mann (pictured from left to right) completed three days of land survival training in the Maine wilderness in early August.

Pictured above, astronaut candidate Josh Cassada engages in wilderness survival training in Maine (Credit NASA). With water and survival training behind them, NASA's astronaut candidates are making the rounds of the agency's 10 centers to acquaint themselves with ongoing research and exploration programs.
The 11-member class of astronaut recruits has already visited two of NASA's field centers this month, interrupting their cross-country tour with T-38 jet aircraft training at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston. In addition to the Glenn visit, the astronaut class was also briefed on NASA research at the agency's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland before heading back to Houston for T-38 flight training. An astrophysicist by training, Walker is also an avid private pilot and owns her own airplane. The class has weathered water training in Pensacola, Florida to escape sinking aircraft and completed wilderness survival training, during which they spent four days in a Maine forest learning skills from U.S.
Training also requires exposure to high and low atmospheric pressures and microgravity, in an attempt to familiarize the body with in-orbit conditions.

That’s just the first of a series of training modules aimed at preparing the candidates for physical and mental stress, emergencies and daily life aboard the shuttle and International Space Station (Credit NASA). Three astronauts from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are also training alongside the 2004 class.
Those were the lucky ones who arrived at the Johnson Space Center in Houston for in-person interviews. Additionally, the candidates will undergo International Space Station systems training, extravehicular activity skills training, robotics training, aircraft flight readiness training, and, throughout everything: Russian language training.

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