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Another reason I chose to put this in writing is the onslaught of people asking me what I think about the survival shows on television. While trapped in my hotel room in Portland, Oregon in October of 2007 as part of my book tour for When All Hell Breaks Loose, I caught parts of two major survival programs on cable television.
Second, big city producers and the networks themselves haven’t a clue about what real wilderness survival skills entail, and the proof is in their over-the-top yet shallow programming.
Please know that I have little if any control over how Dual Survival is ultimately concepted, produced, and edited. Prescott, June 13,2012 -As has already been publicly confirmed, Dave Canterbury is no longer a part of Dual Survival. For all of the aforementioned reasons, I am proud to work with my new Dual Survival partner as we take the show to even greater levels.
Unfortunately, I have been fired by Discovery Channel for differences over safety and health concerns on the show and will no longer be a part of Dual Survival. Given the promotional approach chosen by Discovery, I am left with no choice but to speak out to defend my reputation and career as a professional survival instructor with 25 years of experience.

In the end, my obligation as a survival instructor is to tell it as I see it, consequences be damned.
While all production work involves the efforts of many talented individuals, very few if any of the players involved with this show have any experience in outdoor survival skills. Initial press releases implied that I was returning for the entire fourth season of Dual Survival.
To be clear, the implications of my involvement in, and departure from, season four of Dual Survival in the network’s public statements have been inaccurate, uncalled for, unacceptable and untrue. I lasted 10 minutes before I changed the channel due to inaccuracies and poor desert survival priorities. Also, there is no quality control for programming other than if “Joe viewer” will watch it, and needless to say, a gullible general public is just as clueless about survival skills as the networks. Touting “edit room survival skills” as real survival skills can kill real people in real survival scenarios.
I am acutely aware that my training may some day help decide a student’s fate during a real survival scenario.

These hearty souls have bothered to get off their butts and follow me into the mountains and deserts over the years, come what may; desiring to know the truth about survival skills. As Discovery moves forward with launching the new season of Dual Survival, I hope the network will choose a different tactic for the presentation and marketing of the show that is not at my expense.
Unfortunately, even many so-called survival instructors are not burdened by this all important responsibility, (let alone television producers) and over the years, I’ve witnessed hundreds of examples of crappy or flat out dangerous instruction. Third, I am intimately acquainted with the realities of survival skills based upon years of “doing it” in the field with and without students. Thus, due to my level of experience, it’s not difficult for me to figure out if “something survival” is faked or embellished on TV – and I myself have done the faking on more than one occasion.
In like fashion, watching a program or reading a book on survival doesn’t mean you know how to deal with a survival scenario.

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