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The Forager's Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants by Samuel Thayer. A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern and Central North America by Lee Allen Peterson. It's not always easy or legal to find and shoot deer and moose, so consider the many game animals available when trying to survive in the wilderness. Often neglected in survival situations, Vitamin C is essential to health and a lack of it results in scurvy.
You must know how to prepare fish and game for cooking and storage in a survival situation.

This 15 inch survival knife with drop point blade features a thick quality stainless steel blade with serrated top edge. The Clever Survivalist Blog is a survival guide devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance, to seed survival and critical thinking skills in everyone. Most people can survive without it for 2-4 weeks, so it's not necessary to make yourself sick with unappetizing mouthfuls. Most Survival guides, or survival school trainers skip this skill, but it could be a mistake.
In a survival situation, when slaughtering or dressing animals, always drain the blood into some form of container.

Survival kit includes a hollow grip with a compass top to store items within the knife itself, as well as additional pouches on the sheath to hold the rest.

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