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When we rely on science and technology in almost every aspect of our daily life, focusing on how to survive without modern conveniences makes good sense.
This book is the most comprehensive survival guide I have ever read, with every survival skills explained step by step: from the wild dressing, travel knowledge to detailed and real survival experience such as how to tie a knot, everything needed is ready.
Of course, the successful surviving skills has four essential elements: knowledge, ability, the will to live and good luck.

This is the The Survival Handbook scanned color page HD PDF version with very high definition. The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure can not only help you adapt to the surrounding environments with your outdoor exploration, but also can make you do better under field conditions.
Of these, knowledge and skills can be mastered by learning, but the will – which is the most important part of survival mechanism, it is unknown until we pass through the test.

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