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You will spend one evening learning about pre-trip planning, hazard recognition and avoidance, emergency kits, survival psychology and navigation skills. Courses like this are something that become invaluable in the event that you ever get stuck in the backcountry.
Yeah, this course might be a good idea, especially if you’re coming from a different environment.
Wilderness survival is an awareness that not only keeps you alive, it allows you thrive and find a deeper connection to the natural world. Bow Making BasicsCraft a survival bow out of locally harvested materials with simple blades and knives. Make Your Bamboo-Hickory Longbow In this course your craft a laminate longbow from bamboo and hickory. Our archery and wilderness survival skills camps are known as the first and best outdoor programs for youth in Portland and beyond.

We’d been hiking and foraging for three days as part of a weeklong wilderness survival course.  We had dug up bitterroot and caught a rattlesnake, making a pot of stew the night before which we passed around like an oversized beer mug. We had started out at the offices of the Wilderness Awareness School, northeast of Seattle, all well groomed with clean clothes and not a clue as to what the week ahead would hold. Everyone had gotten the warning about the Walkabout Wilderness Survival Skills Expedition: “This course is very challenging, both physically and mentally.
There are tougher wilderness survival courses out there, and gentler ones that teach skills from a base camp. The Walkabout course intermingled survival training with being tuned to our surroundings, such as the plants, bird calls, tracks, scat — all bits of information that can help us to not only survive but to have a bit of confidence being in the wild. Stressing out about the unknown wastes a lot of energy, not only in the wilderness but anywhere. Late last summer my brothers and I went boating with some friends on Pitt Lake (about 40 miles east of Vancouver), as we did several times a week. An overnight field session will allow you to truly experience a night out in the local mountains with minimum survival gear.

But even if you never use the skills in a survival situation, you’ll learn things that make hiking more enjoyable. The instructors wouldn’t give us an itinerary; wilderness survival was about dealing with the present, not knowing what lay ahead.
I’ll likely be signing up for the winter camping version of this course down the road. Focusing on shelter, water, fire and food, this course helps you develop safety in the out of doors and a deeper connection with the natural world. I did ask the search and rescue person if the course was a bit Mickey Mouse for him since he had so much experience, and he said not at all, that there is always an opportunity to learn new things or new ways to do things.

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