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Through education and training, we seek to prevent undue suffering and loss of life when faced with unforeseen wilderness accidents and to reduce the burden on our Search and Rescue resources. The main focus of ICSOS is to provide affordable, current, relevant, and standardized survival training.
Our survival training is a graduated process in that, you must progress through the different levels in order to become proficient in the wilderness. Our programs are designed for individuals who work, play, or commute thru and over the Canadian wilderness. This wilderness skills intensive is designed to teach you the basics of wilderness survival while helping you to develop a more intimate connection with nature.

Over the next two or three days, we will introduce you to the four most important elements in wilderness survival: shelter, water, fire and food. Although our main focus is wilderness survival, we also offer consulting, back country guiding, guest speakers and mobile teaching teams. First aid training is always recommended with the exception of Advanced Wilderness survival, where it is a prerequsite.
Dave Macdonald of the International Canadian School of Survival explains what it takes to stay alive in the woods.
We teach passive survival techniques that will provide you with the most benefits for the least amount of calories burned.

Our final meal will include several wild dishes that you will help to gather, prepare and cook, using different wilderness cooking methods.

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