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We are dedicated to teaching primitive living and survival skills that will enhance your life and help you develop into a stronger person who is able to overcome any challenge in life.
Visit out Youtube Channel for more free video demonstrations of the high level wilderness skills available at our school.
Ed has been a student for the last year and came to many classes to learn skills or just hang out when he was sick.
Since leaving the army, Dave has trained and now teaches wilderness survival at his Pathfinder Training School in Southeast Ohio.
The hands on classes can be taken in conjunction with the online courses putting your practical skills to the test. Pathfinder School has a strong online community in which you can discuss survival skills and interact with the instructors and other survival enthusiast on the forums on their website.

Whether you are looking to casually learn some survival skills at your own pace or want to dive right in and get your hands dirty, the Pathfinder School has something for everybody at all levels. I am interested in joining your hands on class to teach me the skills needed to survive in the wilderness if needed. Our classes cover both the physical and spiritual skills needed for survival and long term Earth Living. Canterbury is a professional hunting guide and tracker that has posted over 300 survival-themed instructional videos online. The Virtual Classroom on their site is described as “an opportunity to either jump start the learning process or give additional research for the Phase 1 E-Course. They also have an online store that carries all types of survival gear that is personally chosen by Dave Canterbury for its usability and quality.

The Virtual Classroom, E-courses and hands on training, gives you the flexibility to learn what you, when you want, at the price you want! Would you please send me the info needed to be able to join both the online and the hands on class.

Wilderness survival training schools
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