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Wilderness School is grounded in values of a non-denominational Christian family tradition. PlaygroupWilderness Playgroup invites girls and boys aged 0 – 3 to meet weekly with their parents during the school term. Whole School ApproachThe atmosphere in every classroom at Wilderness School is positive, supportive and challenges each girl to achieve her best.
EnrolmentsWe are pleased that you are considering enrolling your daughter at Wilderness and hope that it will be the beginning of a long and happy relationship.
At Wilderness Junior School, we believe that optimal learning for young girls occurs in an environment which is stimulating, supportive and challenging, where girls are resilient and collaborate well with others.
Before & After School CareWe are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide your daughter with a safe environment in which she can explore and play and provide parents with a structured before and after School service. The years of middle schooling, Years 7 to 9, are especially important since they are years of fundamental change during which attitudes to self and others are further established. Boarding LifeOur philosophy at Wilderness is to make the boarding community a second family for the girls. In the Senior School we aim to prepare girls for successful participation in a society in which knowledge is a key resource and in an economy which is becoming increasingly globalised.

Find out more about enrolling your daughter in Wilderness School by requesting a prospectus or taking a school tour.
As Africa’s premier conservation organisation and ecotourism company Wilderness Holdings Limited is dedicated to responsible tourism throughout the areas in which it operates in. Wilderness Holdings has adopted The Long Run philosophy and 4Cs approach wholly and has gone as far as embedding the 4Cs approach across its operations and within its guest experiences to ensure sustainable approach throughout the business. Wilderness Counseling Programs for Troubled teens have helped parents of troubled teens in Illinois, restore balance and therapeutic wellness in their child's unstable life. Tanganyika Wilderness Camps presents a unique collection of Permanent Tented Camps, Mobile Camping and Lodges in Tanzania. The school is founded in the belief for unlimited kindness in relationships, joy in learning, a spirit of humility and the balance between seeking individual excellence and generous service to the community. More and more parents in Illinois are finding that WinGate Wilderness Therapy, one of the top wilderness counseling programs, has helped get their troubled adolescent's life back on the right track.
The main aim of Tanganyika Wilderness Camps is to provide our clients with a highly memorable safari experience in exclusive camps and lodges, which offer an atmosphere of privacy and intimate isolation. It is very active supporting local schools and different environmental projects, managing donations from guests and contributing to the management of school projects.

In each area our efforts are also strongly directed to the improvement of the schooling conditions, and last but not least, we have provided several villages with fresh water. These values guide every part of Wilderness School's culture, relationships, teaching and learning programs.
WinGate is a wilderness therapy program was created help troubled adolescents, both male and female, ages 13-17. Wilderness is a unique experience that automatically creates an unresistant, responsive environment that allows troubled teens to experience a therapeutic intervention.If you are a parent in Illinois and you are convinced that Wilderness counseling for troubled teens is the right tool for your child's overall growth and development, do not not hesitate to WinGate Wilderness Therapy today!
We are one of the nation's premiere wilderness therapy programs located in the majestic mountainous region of Southern Utah.

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