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Trails Carolina Wilderness Programs in the sense of therapeutic wilderness programs for teens and Wilderness Therapy programs where young girls, boys, women, men, troubled youths, and young adults come together to experience Trails Carolina.
With effective wilderness programs for teens in environments where their strengths, talents, and passions can be discovered and applied. Wilderness Program Programs Camps Camp School Therapy - california troubled youths teens young adults teenagers with add adhd.
Boarding schools for troubled teens serving Brentwood, California - Learn about Shepherds Hill Academy - boys therapeutic schools and boys homes.
Though it is not located in Brentwood, California, we encourage you to check out Shepherd’s Hill Academy.
Shepherd’s Hill Academy, located in northeast Georgia about 2 hours from Atlanta, combines the best aspects of a therapeutic wilderness program and a Christian boarding school with several forms of therapy, including counseling and equine therapy.
The first phase of life at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a wilderness program, carefully planned to get rid of distractions, build trust and encourage teamwork.

Once the teens in our care display responsible decisions and take ownership of their development, they shift to the residential program and move to a home on campus. During both parts of the program, teens attend our on-campus, fully accredited junior and senior high school, staffed with Georgia certified instructors.
Though we are not located in Brentwood, California, we do have students who come to our school from all over the country, including Brentwood, California. Thank you for considering Shepherds Hill Academy as you look for  boarding school for a troubled teen, in or near Brentwood, California. Should you need help finding therapeutic boarding schools, or troubled teen schools, or programs for troubled teens, let us know because we can help. More and more parents in California are finding that WinGate Wilderness Therapy has helped them get their troubled adolescents back on the right track. Wilderness therapeutic treatment is unique and unlike any traditional program for troubled teens.

SHA is a Christian therapeutic residential school for troubled teens that offers wilderness therapy and a boarding school. Our unique combination of a wilderness program, certified equine program, and first-class school is all designed to bring focus back into a child’s life.
We are a state-licensed wilderness therapy program, plus we provide counseling for teens and equine therapy.
Here at WinGate, we believe a program that causes resistance, can actually ruin the therapeutic opportunity.
As a result, you may be looking into residential care options; such as boots camps, a therapeutic boarding school or a wilderness program for troubled teens.

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