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The IWLS Wilderness First Aid course is a 3 day introduction to Basic Life Support Skills and general medical concepts.
IWLS FIRST AID INSTRUCTORS are Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians (WEMTs) who bring a wealth of knowledge from years of guiding and instructing in wilderness areas. Copyright © 2012 International Wilderness Leadership School - A Division of Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School Inc.

These courses will enable participants to have an appreciation for the realities of providing First Aid in a wilderness & remote environment. The course can be used to recertify Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Advanced First Aid and Wilderness EMT (wilderness portion only) certifications from IWLS. IWLS Wilderness First Aid course meets or exceeds the standards of the American Red Cross Standard First Aid and meets or exceeds the standards of both the American Red Cross and American Heart Association CPR courses.

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