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While some time is spent in a classroom, our courses utilize a scenario-based, hands-on, practical approach to the curriculum. The IWLS Wilderness First Aid course is a 3 day introduction to Basic Life Support Skills and general medical concepts.  The course is designed for outdoor enthusiasts on day trips or short 1-2 day adventures. This 40 hour, 5 day course is geared toward individuals leading short trips into the backcountry. This 5 day first aid training course is designed for Wilderness Advanced First Aid course graduates who want to increase their medical knowledge. WFR is the standard in wilderness medicine for guides, outdoor educators, SAR team members, and anyone that works or plays in remote areas. This 140 hour course exceeds standards established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This 200 hour course combines solid learning progressions with the practical principles and expertise required to deal with medical emergencies in wilderness environments.  This course exceeds standards established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for EMT curriculum.
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Rosefsky first got interested in wilderness first aid when he started leading hiking trips.
Jesse Matthew shuffled into Albemarle Circuit Court in a greenish-gray jail jumpsuit, leg shackles and a belly chain that attached his handcuffed wrists to the middle of his torso.

President Barack Obama called Julian Bond “a hero,” and many thought the man who was the telegenic face of the civil rights movement since he co-founded Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s would be America’s first black president. These courses will enable participants to have an appreciation for the realities of providing First Aid in a wilderness & remote environment. IWLS first aid training instructors are Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians (WEMTs) who bring a wealth of knowledge from years of guiding and instructing in wilderness areas. The course can be used to recertify Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Advanced First Aid and Wilderness EMT (wilderness portion only) certifications from IWLS. This first aid training curriculum is significantly more detailed than our Wilderness First Aid course. The bridge course expands your scope of practice and is a great way to get a Wilderness First Responder certification, the standard in wilderness medicine. This first aid training course draws on the experience of both professional wilderness leaders and professional EMS practitioners for a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students to give solid emergency care in isolated locations. Rosefsky, 40, a UVA alum who founded the OASC after graduating in 2004, is a certified wilderness EMT, and now teaches classes in disaster and wilderness first aid all over Virginia and elsewhere. In 2007, he got certified as an EMT and instructor by SOLO, the country’s oldest wilderness medical school, and soon forged a partnership with Charlottesville-based Blue Ridge Mountain Sports to offer affordable classes in the communities where the outdoor apparel company has stores. It goes a lot further than your basic first aid instruction, because it’s designed to teach you what to do when you might be the only help a victim will get for a long time.

All IWLS first aid training programs incorporate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for the professional rescuer. It covers common medical emergencies encountered in a wilderness setting, fundamentals of patient assessment, environmental considerations, body systems, and numerous practical scenarios.
Another hiker started to get hypothermic as ice and snow began to fall —the first flakes of a coming blizzard.
The course costs $175, and Rosefsky and BRMS team up to donate 10 percent of the proceeds to a local charity­—in this case, the Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club.
The obvious application is in the backcountry, so the course is popular with local hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. The course prepares you for the written and practical examinations in the national registry test.

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