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Spyderco gives you the option to reposition its clips to the top or bottom of the handles, on either side.
Some knives also come with carabiner clips integrated into the handles or other methods of attaching the knife to a pocket or whatever. If you're buying a knife to carry, then being able to carry it conveniently, securely and discreetly is the single most important feature.
The hinge and locking mechanism is where knife makers try to differentiate themselves from one another. Cops will often use a visible knife as a excuse to stop and search you or, if they stop you for other reasons, as justification to detain or arrest you.
Hawkbill: These days, you'll most often see these on Karambit-style fighting knives, but they used to be used for cutting cordage and harvesting plants. Sheep's Foot: The blunt point makes these a great option for rescue blades (you won't stab someone as you cut their seatbelt or clothes off) or for dive knifes.
Spey-Point: Designed to spey animals (seriously), this shape is now found on folding knives sold to hunters and is great for skinning.
But, its clips leave a half inch or so of the handle and folded blade protruding above your pocket. Or, you can do what I've done to my Spyderco and remove the crappy clip altogether in favor of a square-braid paracord lanyard.

This will sound counterintuitive to the uninitiated, but locking blades (that typically come with big, scary-looking knives) are actually designed to be safer than their non-locking cousins (think Swiss Army Knife). If you just want a little blade for occasional cheese slicing, then a non-locking design should be adequate. No folding knife will ever be as strong as a fixed blade, but different locking mechanisms can be stronger or easier to use than others. There's many different ways a blade can be constructed that will effect their slicing performance, strength and what they can do. Avoid unless you're a police officer or someone who actually needs a dedicated knife only for last-ditch defense. In general, a flat grind is the best all rounder and chisel grinds are cheap garbage (or used on very slim blades), You'll find hollow or convex grinds on high-end, custom or semi-custom knives and taper grinds are typically found on cheaper blades. Kershaw 3800 Outdoor Pocket Knives,3Cr13 Blade Nylon Fiber Handle Grey Titanium Survival Knife,Rescue Knife. But, the blades in them tend to be made from cheap steel, the way they fold out of the handle makes it hard to take advantage of the blade's full length, accessing the knife is typically a slow, two-handed job and the handle probably won't provide either a secure purchase or comfortable, variable grip.
Together, that load out fits in my right jeans pocket comfortably, giving me both the ability to effect quick repairs to virtually anything, and also to quickly deploy a strong, ergonomically ideal knife in just a couple seconds.
At $50, it's not super cheap, but it's made with a better steel than most other knives in the company's lineup.

Locking the blade open strongly and securely prevents it from being forced back onto your hands and fingers under hard use. Every major knife manufacturer has its own, patented locking mechanism and claims its is best. The benefits of your knife's blade not closing on your soft, fleshy parts should be obvious. Whether it be a frame lock, compression lock, arc lock, axis lock or whatever, it's reasonably safe to assume that anything made by a quality manufacturer like SOG, Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel et al will get the job done, but pay particular attention to lock mechanisms when reading knife reviews or handling them in a store. Here's a breakdown of knife laws by state, they're obtuse and often open to interpretation both by the cops and the courts. That means you'll need a deep, secure pocket to carry it in or, better yet, a cargo pocket or dedicated slot in an organizer pouch.

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