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Copyright © 2012 International Wilderness Leadership School - A Division of Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School Inc. Prerequisites: You must possess a current (unexpired) WFR certification of at least 70 hours to recertify through a WFR Recertification course. Certification: Participants are required to pass both written and practical examinations to obtain WFR and CPR recertification. Recertification: This course may be used to recertify Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness EMT (wilderness portion only) certifications. The 24-hour Wilderness First Responder Recertification course refreshes and updates topics covered in the WFR course. Recently, she has taken up surfing (in warm, non-shark infested waters only) and hopes to achieve a true nose ride before she is too old to paddle out through the break. Little did JohnRey know taking a WFR in 2002 would spark an adventure with the outdoors and emergency medicine which would lead him to his present career. Matt has worked professionally as a wildlife biologist in Montana, Wyoming, California, and Alaska, including studies of coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and bats.

Jen grew up in the hills of Colorado, is partial to the intermountain snowpack and took her first WFR course when she was 18.
While some time is spent in a classroom on your WFR, the course utilizes a scenario-based, hands-on, practical approach to the curriculum.
You must possess a current WFR certification of at least 70 hours to recertify through a WFR Recertification course. In recent history she has also worked a ski patroller, raft-guide, and peregrine falcon monitor for the park service. Mike started teaching for WMI in 2001, mostly WEMTs with a few Wilderness First Responder (WFR) courses in Alaska. They understand the realities of managing emergencies in remote locations, not only in Alaska, but around the world. Marco recently assumed the role as the NOLS Field Staffing Director, but teaching still plays a large role in what he does. Most recently she has worked as a program director for Farm and Wilderness Camps, a senior field instructor at Second Nature Wilderness Program, and an EMT-B in Moab, UT.

Currently, she is teaching English at Lowell Whiteman School in Steamboat Springs, CO, and is a recent addition to the WMI family. After receiving his WFR certification, Felipe traveled to North Carolina, USA, with two fellow coursemates to receive an EMT-B certification through Landmark Learning, a WMI affiliate. In 2008 Josh joined the WMI ranks and currently devotes much of his year to teaching WFRs and WEMTs in the Rocky Mountain region.
Jayson fell in love with wilderness medicine during his first WMI WFR course in 2005 and started on the path to teaching. She recently moved to New Hampshire with her husband and two cats and is excited to be re-introduced to some rural New England livin’!

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