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NAS Jacksonville’s Aviation Survival Training Center (ASTC) is one of eight ASTCs around the country that are tasked to provide safe and effective survival training for aviators and aircrew. New aviators and aircrew undergo their initial survival training at NAS Pensacola, after which they are required to attend an ASTC refresher course every four years. ASTC Jacksonville provides a modern facility and advanced training equipment to keep aircrews certified in their survival skills.
Water survival is an important component of the refresher course, and ASTC Jax strives to provide the most realistic, yet safe, training possible.
Also in the pool is the 9D6 underwater egress trainer – commonly known as the “dunker” – that simulates an aircraft ditching into a body of water and sinking upside-down. ASTC Jacksonville is a detachment of Navy Medicine Operational Training Center at NAS Pensacola, which serves as the training agent for aviation survival training and the subject matter experts on all military operational medicine, and the Navy Medicine Education and Training Command (NMETC) in San Antonio and NMETC Detachment Jacksonville aboard NAS Jacksonville.

For more information on survival training or class schedules, contact ASTC Jax at 542-2595.
Training includes classroom lectures and simulator devices in a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on exposure to survival skills.
Even those students who struggle with portions of the survival training have the chance to remediate.
Even if it’s a situation where we have to remediate a student, it only means more training for them,” said Shipman. Kevin WendtHM2 Angelo Vivio, Naval Aviation Water Survival Training Instructor HM2 Angelo Vivio directs aircrew students to a starting point to observe how well they demonstrate the breaststroke. Kevin WendtNaval Aviation Water Survival Training Instructor HM2 Angelo Vivio observes students as they demostrate egress skills while being strapped into harnesses and turned upside-down under water.

Kevin WendtHM2 Angelo Vivio, aviation water survival training instructor (left) Tim Foreman, ASTC diving supervisor (center), and Sean Glase, electrician maintenance technician No. Kevin WendtND3 Ben Lee, a diving instructor with Aviation Survival Training Center Jax, left, monitors AWV2 Thomas Bice with VPU-1 as he prepares to inflate his survival vest during the virtual reality parachute descent trainer. Kevin WendtAWO1 Michael Griffin, an instructor with Aviation Survival Training Center Jax (right) runs the virtual reality parachute descent trainer, while making sure AWO1 Albert Flores with VP-10 correctly runs through his descent procedures.

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