Water landing survival, engraved pocket knives for groomsmen - PDF Review

Categories: Folding Knife Design | Author: admin 05.05.2014

A dramatic, terrifying emergency landing simulation shows passengers how to survive a plane crash landing in a body of water. The "immersive safety education demo," which is based on the famous "Miracle on the Hudson" landing, was developed on an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset by Italy's University of Udine's HCI Lab. The demo simulates what could happen in the event that a plane crash lands into water, complete with dramatic music and screaming passengers.

Researchers say that the simulation can help people learn and remember the correct processes to follow for a water landing. Kurt "The Cyber Guy" Knutsson shared the surprising statistic on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that 86 percent of airline accidents are survivable. But knowing exactly how to safely evacuate a plane could one day save your life, so researches created a terrifying Oculus Rift emergency landing simulation that looks far more effective than a safety pamphlet ever could be.

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