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This easy operable knife has a stainless steel drop point blade, partially serrated and etched with"SPEED LOCK -BOKER SOLINGEN GERMANY STAINLESS.
The blades are in great shape but have some light pitting that adds history and character to the knife.
The blades still snap out when the buttons are pushed and this knife is in great shape for its age.
Knives are useful tools that people need despite the many advancements that technology continues to provide. To qualify as a folding knife, a cutting tool must feature at least one blade that closes down into the handle.
The knife artifacts that archaeologists have found from the Middle Ages are simple and practical.
For folding knives to slide into the handle, the blade must be in three different positions. Pocket knives are so named because they can easily be stored inside a pocket or stashed away in a small bag, unlike larger or fixed-blade knives.
Before you begin shopping for a pocket knife, it is vital to know the different types out there. Pocket knives are branded by different manufacturers all over the planet and come in multiple styles. Since pocket knives are built primarily for cutting, the blade is undoubtedly the most important part to consider. The handle is the next important factor to consider when shopping for a pocket knife or any other type of knife.
Vintage folding knives - These include any made in 1969 or earlier and are the preferred type of knife among many buyers. A lot of manufacturers are renowned for making practical and top-of-the-range pocket knives with durable materials.
Ken Onion knives typically feature the extremely sharp Sandvik 14C28N blade made from steel. The Benchmade Knife Company is another manufacturer that has been making waves ever since the release of its first pocket knife. Benchmade's pocket knives are usually made from genuinely sharp stainless steel, and models such as the Griptilian series come with thump studs that allow you to open the knife with just one hand. Buck pocket knives are built with innovative technologies such as ComfortCraft that makes it easy to carry your knife all day long. This is one of the first names that comes to mind when many people are looking for a trusted pocket knife brand. With the unlimited options available for anyone looking for a pocket knife, it will be up to you to choose which brand and model meets your needs. The best brand of pocket knife for you is one that is well suited for your needs and built with quality materials. The Old Timer 55th Anniversary Wildlife Series Knife Set is a collection that knife enthusiasts will appreciate owning. Taylor Brands makes the Small Canoe Old Timer Pocketknife with a traditional saw cut brown Delrin handle.
The Junior Stockman Pocketknife is another new cutting tool produced by Taylor with the Old Timer trademark.
If knife enthusiasts need a basic pocketknife, then they should consider buying the Old Timer Pal model. The Old Timer Folding Hunter Pocketknife is especially handy as it includes a clip and saw blade as well as a hatchet. When consumers buy an old or a new Old Timer Knife, they'll have a long lasting cutting tool. The structure allows people to carry it easily and securely in small spaces such as pockets and purses.

In addition, the knife style includes a locking device that holds the blade in position when it is opened.
Manufacturers of the Butterfly knife construct the model from two handgrips along with a blade and pivot section.
The distinctive feature of this type of knife is the presence of a handle with enough space to accommodate the blade or blades when folded. Pocket knives are useful in numerous ways, ranging from slicing fruit at home to opening sealed documents.
Choosing the right type can be confusing, especially if you are buying your first pocket knife or know little about them.
It is important to look for a blade that is very sharp if you want to get the best out of your pocket knife. Since this is the part you hold when cutting, you should look for a knife with a handle that will fit comfortably in your hand. Some collectors even have favorite decades, and of course favorite vintage folding knife manufacturers.
Every pocket knife enthusiast has his or her own preferred brand based on personal preference and experience. With popular models such as the Kershaw Leek and Shenanigan knives, the award-winning custom Ken Onion knife brand is definitely one of the most reliable you can find today. They are usually available in sleek designs and are very light in weight, making them suitable for carrying in your pocket all day long. With popular models such as the Griptilian Series, Pika, and Pardue Axis, this is one of the leading knife manufacturers in the world. The Axis Lock technology enhances your ability to hold your knife smoothly for everyday tasks.
Famous for the Spyderco Tenacious pocket knife and several other models, this manufacturer has a unique style that results in extremely friendly pocket knife designs.
From leaf-shaped knives to other styles, this manufacturer is famous for its iconic designs.
After choosing a few pocket knife brands, you can then begin to look at the specific details of the items to find the one that best suits your needs. If you plan to carry your knife on regular basis, it is important to find one that can be easily stored in your pocket, one that is lightweight, and ultimately one that you will enjoy owning. Specifically, the item is a folding hunter pocketknife, and it features a Stagion handle, which is made from saw cut Delrin.
The company makes the knife's blades from high carbon stainless steel, and it has a saw cut Delrin handle. The item comes with a clip, pen and sheepsfoot blade that the manufacturer fashions from stainless steel. It features one stainless steel clip blade along with the knife brand's traditional brown Delrin handle. The blades feature nail nicks for convenient opening, and the knife model includes the Delrin handle.
In addition, knife enthusiasts can purchase Old Timer knife models that are as attractive as they are useful. A lockblade knife is safer than pocketknives that open and close without the locking mechanism. The handle of a lockblade knife is typically made from bone, wood or horn while producers often form the blade from steel. Many people also consider a quality pocket knife to be one of their biggest camping accessories, as they can help perform many important campsite tasks. Modern-day pocket knives come in many different designs, from throwbacks to the vintage look to those with a more military-inspired design. Globally, a few manufacturers have built solid reputations for making excellent knives of all types, including pocket knives.

The manufacturer also focuses on providing pocket knives with excellent designs that makes them very user friendly. Buck pocket knives are usually built with quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and able to last through many years of use.
Pocket knives from this brand are suitable for heavy-duty tasks, and most of them are available in stainless steel handles to reduce their overall weight and ensure a perfect grip. A good place to start when finding a knife is looking at the things each manufacturer is known for and comparing their specialties to your needs. The vintage knife was made in the United States, and the cutting tool's total length is 6.9 inches. Nickel silver bolsters, brass liners and the inlaid Old Timer shield complete the knife's design.
People can buy knife types like folding, lockblade and slip-joint as well as fixed blade and butterfly knives.
Some knife makers produce Butterfly knives entirely from steel while others make the tool with non-metal handgrips and a steel blade, which signifies an inferior product. Taylor Brands purchased the company's trademarks and continues to sell pocketknives with the Old Timer logo. The knife maker added visual interest to the cutting tools by embellishing the handles with wildlife scenes that depict white tailed deer.
When consumers purchase the pocketknife, they'll receive a spear and pen blade that are both manufactured from 400 series stainless steel.
Mark Twain included the knife style in his writings, and at the turn of the century, Barlow knives were popular with frontiersman and farmers. However, non-metal handgrips are lighter, and people can learn the art of flipping knives more easily with cutting tools that feature non-metal handgrips.
Owners of fixed blade knives generally carry them in a sheath, which is attached to a vest or belt. To maintain the brand's integrity, Taylor uses the original knife designs and patterns to manufacture new models. Heat-treated back springs, nickel silver bolsters and brass pins are additional features of both Anniversary knives. However, the knife style did not last long, and it was quickly replaced by back sprung slip-joint knives. Furthermore, slip-joint knives generally have just the blade and do not come with extra implements. Congress knives typically come with four blades such as the spear point, sheepsfoot, pen and coping. Military soldiers usually have at least one because the knife style does not have to be opened, set or changed for use.
Since the manufacturer made the blades from high carbon steel, the cutting edges remain sharp for a longer amount of time than knife blades made from different materials. Canoe knives often feature two spear point blades, but some models may have one pen blade and one spear point blade.
The classic packaging allows older customers to reminisce about early knives, and it gives young knife enthusiasts a peek at the past.
In fact, the knife style usually measures 4 to 5 inches, and it comes with two wide blades. Stockman knives generally come with three blades, which include the spey, sheepsfoot and clip.

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