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Here's a breakdown of all 33 tools in the SwissChamp with a brief explanation because not everyone knows what a sewing eye is for! Large blade: The sizes of the large blade vary by model and brand but the large blade on the SwissChamp is a straight-edge blade with a spear point tip.
Bottle Opener: Technically called a cap lifter in the Swiss Army knife manual, the bottle opener is used to open beer and other bottles. Key ring: The key ring acts as an attachment point for the knife, so you can connect it to a lanyard or your keys.
Hook disgorger: The fork at the end of the scaler is a device used to safely remove a hook from the mouth of a fish.
In 1884, Karl Elsener started a cutlery shop in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland, after finishing his knife maker apprenticeship in Zug. During the late 1800s, the Swiss Army custom ordered a new multipurpose pocketknife for its soldiers.
When Karl Elsener discovered that a German knife manufacturer was developing practical knives for the Swiss Army, he decided to invent his own version.
When consumers purchase the Climber II Swiss Army Knife, they'll receive an item that features more than 10 handy tools. Swiss Army Knives became popular because their usefulness exceeded similarly sized knives made by other manufacturers. Local residents referred to the multipurpose tool as the Schweizer Offizer Messer, which means Swiss Officer's Knife. The television show MacGyver featured a Swiss Army Knife that the main character used to get himself out of tricky situations.

Whether you need a magnifying glass to read fine print or a metal saw to cut through iron, the Swiss Army knife has your back. One inventive use for the hook is to carry shopping bags with heavy items that may strangle your hands. Many people have found the best place to put it when writing is beneath the multi-purpose hook because the tension holds it in place. It was called the Officer Knife, and it featured a main blade, can opener, punch and screwdriver. For instance, the Classic model provides a few convenient tools while the Climber, Champion and Army Huntsman feature numerous tools that are helpful in multiple situations. The knife model's reputation was further enhanced by the product's superior construction, which made the knife durable. After World War II ended, a number of American soldiers remained in Europe, and they invented the term "Swiss Army Knife" because they had trouble pronouncing the knife's local name. The company manufactures a variety of models to give knife enthusiasts plenty of tool options. While Victorinox and Wenger have created an array of Swiss Army knives that will meet anyone's needs, the flagship knife remains the SwissChamp. In 1891, the Swiss Army received the Modell 1890 from the German knife maker Wester & Company. Its tools include two standard screwdrivers, a bottle opener and a can opener along with a wire stripper, key ring, reamer and a parcel hook. Screwdrivers, files, hooks and saws are just a few of the tools incorporated into the knife model.

Another huge offering is the SwissChamp XAVT  , less than half the size of the Giant, it's still a lot of Victorinox! As a result, consumers can buy a Swiss Army Knife with the components to handle almost any situation that requires mechanical assistance. Elsener's first multipurpose knife, but the tool was successful because a number of military personnel bought it on their own. The Swiss Army could not order the knife from a Swiss manufacturer because none of the country's knife makers owned production equipment that was large enough to handle the military organization's sizable order.
That's right, in Switzerland, newspapers and similar stuff is collected regularly (depending on the city you live, usually once every month) and recycled. To gain access to their food, Swiss soldiers needed a knife, so the Swiss Generals began issuing soldiers a standard knife at the start of their military service.
And that's where the hook comes in handy, since those paper stacks can get quite heavy and uncomfortable to carry around.
In 1921, he modified the company name to Victorinox as he wanted to merge inox with his mother's name.

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