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Not every slim wallet can hold your numerous bank cards and cash, but if you want, the Trim leather wallet should be able to help you. The Trim is a versatile and stylish leather Waller that measures only 3mm thick and weights less than 0.25 oz. We have introduced a few nice slim wallets, but if you prefer leather products, the following Ainste ultra slim leather wallet may be more suitable for you. If you've heard of the HuMn and TGT wallets, you know they're great minimalist options that come with a hefty price tag. The wallets either work as an elastic band with little pockets or as a two-panel system that holds cards in the middle (pictured above).

As shown in the images, the slim wallet features elegant and compact design, and comes with three slots.
As we can see from the images, the wallet features low profile, ultra thin design, and is made out of top layer premium cow leather for premium looks.
Pledging $29 will let you own a small-sized Ainste slim wallet, $34 for a regular-sized Ainste leather wallet.
The main idea of this wallet is to keep you from carrying unnecessary things around by limiting the space to that of a few plastic cards and some folded banknotes.
Apart from that, the slim wallet is made with pressed saffiano leather or vegetable tanned leather for premium look and durable construction, and its hand oil-coated edges enhance durability against fraying.

The small wallet measures 64 x 90mm and can hold up to 11 cards while the regular wallet is 90 x 74mm and fits up to 16 cards.

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