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Average Twic Card Holder salaries for job postings in Oxnard, CA are 9% lower than average Twic Card Holder salaries for job postings nationwide. Average General Labor Twic Card Holder salaries for job postings in Savannah, GA are 5% higher than average General Labor Twic Card Holder salaries for job postings nationwide. There are multiple types of Trucking Jobs - short haul or local truck drivers, driver-sales workers, or route drivers and the long haul truck drivers. TWIC is a common identification credential for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels, and all mariners holding Coast Guard-issued credentials. Applicants who are denied a TWIC will be sent a letter explaining the reason for denial and instructed on how to apply for an appeal or waiver. The TWIC regulation includes a list of various immigration categories that are eligible to apply for a TWIC, including nationals, refugees, lawful non-immigrants with unrestricted work authorization, and certain professionals with restricted work authorization. TWIC applicants are required to provide identity verification documents to complete the enrollment process. An individual who lacks lawful presence and certain immigration status in the United States, has a connection to terrorist activity, has been determined to lack mental capacity or was convicted of certain crimes will be ineligible for a TWIC. Conviction for one of the following felonies is disqualifying if the applicant was convicted, pled guilty (including 'no contest'), or found not guilty by reason of insanity within 7 years of the date of the TWIC application; OR if the applicant was released from prison after conviction within 5 years of the date of the application. Workers will be required to possess a TWIC by the compliance date set for their specific Captain of the Port (COTP) zone.
State and local emergency responders are exempt from the requirement to have a TWIC when they are responding to an emergency.

Hi Bob, I found that ATL TDC's had issue with the NEXUS cards--they were unaware or had never seen them. Individuals who meet TWIC eligibility requirements will be issued a tamper-resistant credential containing the worker's biometric (fingerprint template) to allow for a positive link between the card and the individual. TWIC holders will present their cards to authorized personnel, who will compare the holder to his or her photo, inspect security features on the TWIC and evaluate the card for signs of tampering. All information about the TWIC Program, including the enrollment process, can be found at this web site, which was recently revamped based on stakeholder feedback, and the official TWIC help desk. If the applicant does not respond to TSA within 60 calendar days, TSA's decision regarding the applicant's eligibility for a TWIC automatically becomes final (a final determination of ineligibility) and the applicant is disqualified from holding a TWIC. Drivers from every state and province visit the site to find truck driving jobs, often multiple times a month.
However, most of the time the TDC doesn't know what the card is, and I have to ask for a supervisor. A history of heart trouble, mental illness or back injury often will be additional drawbacks to hiring for Trucking Jobs.
Once issued a TWIC, the applicant has an obligation to inform TSA if they are no longer eligible to hold a TWIC. If workers are eligible to pay the lower price, their TWIC will expire 5 years from the date of the comparable credential (additional information is provided in the next question).
Some of the best pay and benefits are found in this type of Trucking Jobs but hiring is very selective and some OTR experience is normally needed.

Trucking companies must call and verify former employers at least 3 years back, so accurate information is vital in Trucking Jobs. Coast Guard Captains of the Port (COTP) will also be working with the local Area Maritime Security Committees (AMSC) to inform individuals of TWIC requirements and compliance dates. For individuals who pay the reduced fee, the expiration date of their TWIC will be five years from the date listed on the credential associated with the comparable security threat assessment. We encourage applicants to take advantage of these resources in order to save time and to provide you with the official information on the TWIC Program. But in your last reply to me, you mentioned that TSA employees were "trained to recognize NEXUS cards. Additional terms in Over-the-Road Trucking Jobs a regional (a limited running area like the southeastern states), dedicated (same run or runs day after day) and irregular route (new delivery routes each time). At first you're saying not all TSA employees are able to recognize NEXUS cards, but then you say they are.

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