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A men's trifold wallet is recognizable by the unique configuration allowing the folded wallet to be little more than the size of a credit card. Since most men store photographs on a smartphone, the days of wallets with a stack of plastic sleeves are numbered.
One of the preeminent American clothing manufacturers, GUESS produces an impressive line oftrifold wallets.
This style greatly appeals to men who typically carry their wallets in the hip pocket of a pair of pants.
No single company website or brick and mortar store can offer the selection and pricing available on eBay.
A new wallet can last up to 10 years for those who are willing to spend a bit more for better quality. This means all essential cards and documents must fit into a wallet if they are going to be organized and contained. There are thousands of choices for trifold wallets and companies produce them from a variety of materials.

The Kors trifold collection includes multiple finishes from smooth to rustic and from matte to shiny.
Fossil products appeal to younger buyers and its trifold wallets offer a greater range of design and color choices than many others. While it makes great sense to purchase the best quality possible, buying a wallet that comes up short in any area can be a cause for a lot of regret.
While they are naturally a bit bulkier than more traditional bifold wallets, they tend to offer more sleeves for credit card storage. Considering all the use and constant motion a wallet absorbs, spending a little more on the purchase can eliminate a replacement a year later. Similar to GUESS in many respects, its wallets are all made from cowhide and available in black or brown.
The cards are usually vertical when opening the wallet, but some designs orient those sleeves horizontally. The Cambridge trifold features a windowed slot for quick access to a driver's license or any othercommonly used card.

These five companies have a solid track record of producing top quality wallets in addition to a number of other products. The GUESS Trifold Passcase is a more general GUESS line that gives buyers the choice of the familiar triangle logo on the front or the simpler stamped name only. Beyond the choice of brown or black, the wallet line does not offer much in the way of variety. Calvin Klein trifolds are primarily available in black, but there are several offeredin brown.
This wallet is on the thinner side and is ideal for those who do not need to carry many cards.

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