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TrekCore is reporting new photos of a massive green screen set for Star Trek Beyond being constructed in Kent Hangar Field, Vancouver.
Vancouver residents Bob Glassford and Chris van Cauwenbergh did some exploring around Kent Hangar Field, a location famous for big film shoots (like Tomorrowland, Rise of The Planet of the Apes, Godzilla) and discovered a huge green screen set under construction for Star Trek Beyond.
In true Star Trek fashion, we felt it was necessary to get a satellite’s eye view of the Star Trek Beyond sets in Vancouver. In an interview with Australia‚Äôs Sydney Morning Herald, Pegg, an accomplished screenwriter of beloved quirky, genre-bending comedies, discusses how he had to be talked off the proverbial ledge from his current task, titled Star Trek Beyond.

This article would seem to confirm your point below — building this huge outdoor set for action sequences is undoubtedly very expensive. Star Trek Beyond budget recently increased due to bigger action sequences, extra crew at ILM to meet deadline, and cast raises for all 7. Now I understand that some want to promote there own ideology, but to include that in a promotion for Star Trek, It is wrong, in my opinion. There are certain hand signs, and that one appeared to be celebrating the unthinkable in my Star Trek and I don’t mind pointing out such things when they seem so apparent.

Check out this behind the scenes vignette of what it was like to film in front of the huge green screen set for the barge scene in Star Trek Into Darkness.

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