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But every time I see yet another friend blogging about how marriage is “hard but worth it” less than a year after her wedding date, I think what a lovely, golden slice of luck it is that after seven years with my boyfriend, five of those cohabitating, my relationship is the easiest thing about my life. Like the rest of the album, it’s a minimalist, pared-down song—just guitar, tambourine, and reedy vocals begging the narrator’s mother to “put your needle down” and stop sewing the narrator’s wedding dress because “I don’t want to be tied down” (and if anyone tries to force the matter, “my pocket knife’s got a shiny blade”). I stepped into it with a superstitious sense of terror, as if without careful resistance, just wearing the dress would transform me into a married woman. Harvey is rarely, if ever, the narrator of her own songs, but it’s worth noting, in the context of “Pocket Knife,” that she’s never been married or had kids. If you plan to abstain from marriage and children, role models in their forties and fifties are hard to come by. But when I think about going through any of it myself—the vows, the cake, the guests—I feel my body rebelling against the idea on an almost cellular level, with a fight-or-flight adrenaline rush.

She’d told me she had a dress for me to try on; we wear the same size, so I often get hand-me-downs from her. Thankfully, it didn’t quite fit (too tight around the ribs), but my mom told me I looked just as beautiful in it as she thought I would.
In an interview in 1995, when she was the age I am now, she said she loved children—“I want twenty, now.
She wore a silver dress instead of a white one, and she looked beautiful, but then, she always looks beautiful. That line was thrumming in the back of my head the whole night, as it does whenever this topic comes up: You can’t make me be a wife. They got married in a court room and couldn’t help but notice how absolutely nothing was actually changed by their marriage certificate.

No marriage license has ever locked me into decades of misery the way it did with my parents. I like her new husband, and I’m glad they’re happy together and taking the path they want to take. I don’t have a shiny-bladed pocket knife to prove my point, but I have a PJ Harvey song, which I think is close enough.

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