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Americans are walking around with more knives in their pockets, although not for the same reasons they are rushing to buy guns. Scouts, hunters and anglers, collectors and office workers who just want a tool for opening packages are boosting pocket knife sales. Sales now are rebounding, due partly to a growing desire for preparedness in the aftermath of disasters such as the Joplin tornado and Hurricane Sandy. In Missouri, sales got an additional boost this year when the state legalized certain knives. After the state law change, customers flocked to stores to shop for switchblades, which had been banned for years. The store and its new warehouse are filled with scores of brands, including the Big Three for knife collectors: Chris Reeve, Strider and Hinderer.

Gun sales have jumped across the country on fears that President Barack Obama would try to restrict gun sales.
This serrated machete is not only strong enough to hack through even the most dense forest or jungle. Louis football Cardinals tight end Jackie Smith at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibit on Saturday, April 14, 2012.
11, 2001, airplane passengers accustomed to traveling with a pocket knife found that they had to leave it in checked luggage. Jay Nixon signed a law repealing the ban on possession, sale and manufacture of switchblade knives. Internet sales have taken over the knife business and account for more than 75 percent of sales at GP and other sellers.

Chinese factories produce knives for as little as one-seventh the cost of American factories. Buck, the fourth generation of Bucks in the company founded in 1902, is the great-grandson of the founder of the company, H.H.

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