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If you’re traveling light on your next vacation adventure this is definitely not the Swiss Army knife to bring with you. Called the Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant, this Swiss Army knife weighs an insane 7 pounds, is 8 inches wide, and probably has more tools than you have in your toolbox.
Along with the normal things you’d expect a Swiss Army knife to have, the Wenger 16999 Giant has accessories that will make you lol. But if you really have your heart set on a Swiss Army knife travel alarm clock then you could go for the slightly less ridiculous Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT. While not as ginormous as the Wengner Giant, the Victorinox SwissChamp is still quite hefty with it’s 80 tools and seems like it would be pretty darn inconvenient to use.

I must be wrong though, because they sell a leather carrying pouch for the SwissChamp so more than a few people out there have got to be traveling with it! This entry was posted in Travel Gear and tagged funny, Swiss Army knife, travel gear, travel gifts, Victorinox.
And if you ever need a tire tread gauge the Wenger 16999 Giant has it, though I have pity for anyone who lets this monstrosity of a Swiss Army knife around their tires. I have heard they also have a new giant knife that includes a detachable flash drive and sells for $3,000. The only $3,000 one from them I could find was, incredibly, simply a 1TB hard drive and a basic Swiss Army knife setup.

The Ultimate Knife Collector Centerpiece from Victorinox Swiss Army – 80 Essential Functions Packed into one multi-tool.

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