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So when I saw this Ad for the NEW Swiss Army multi-tool Pocketknife, I knew I had to have one.
The Knife I had was the Classic Stainless Steel Pocket Knife that had a Blade, Scissors and Nail File.
This Brand New Line of Swiss Army Pocket Knives combines everything I carry into one Awesome Tool. This New Flash Laser Knife has the Standard Features and Tools that most Swiss Army knives carry, along with a Laser Pointer, and a built in (and Removable) USB Thumb Drive. I Received my Knife a Couple of Weeks later and I’ve been thoroughly Impressed every since. I can’t tell you how Fast I Replaced my Old Knife and USB Thumb Drive on my Keychain.
You can Unhook the Drive from the Knife so you don’t have your Knife or Keys hanging from it.

The Knife also comes with Instruction Booklets and Safety Information on the Flash Drive and Laser Pointer. All you do is Stick a Paperclip into the Little Hole on the side of the Knife and Push on the Battery (or if it doesn’t have one, Push the Paperclip through the Hole to Open the Door).
The full manufacturer's warranty from Victorinox Swiss Army is only valid when the Victorinox Swiss Army USB Flash Pocket Knife is purchased from an Internet Authorized Dealer. The company's also taken the wraps off its Slim 3.0 USB drive, which is said to be up to ten-times faster than the previous model. Victorinox Swiss Army (VSA), the exclusive marketer of Victorinox USB Flash Memory devices, announced the launch of two new portable storage additions-the Victorinox SSD and Victorinox Slim 3.0.
The Victorinox SSD (Solid State Drive) and Victorinox Slim 3.0 USBs offer unprecedented data storage capacity with security measures fit for protecting the most confidential of personal and professional documents. We will match any Internet Authorized Dealer's best price on the Victorinox Swiss Army USB Flash Pocket Knife.

Victorinox has officially pulled the wraps off of its latest pocket-knife and thumb drive combo here at CES -- you know, the one we spied just yesterday during the show-floor setup. Eachpocket-sized device packs anywhere from 16GB to one terabyte of storage capacity, is equipped to withstand a range of environmental and daily use factors, and remains true to the Swiss Army legacy of flawlessly designed products that endure. The Victorinox SSD addresses this opportunity by holding a terabyte of storage-the equivalent of 220 million pages of text, almost two years of uninterrupted music or 330,000 3MB photos in a pocket-sized device. Each product will have a transparent knife handle, exposing the internal hardware, and will be complemented by clear cube packaging that gives the appearance of the device floating in suspension. CES attendees are encouraged to stop by to learn more about new and existing Victorinox Flash USB Memory devices, view interactive demonstrations-including our "Beat the SSD" challenge, and meet personally with Swiss Management and Victorinox Swiss Army founding family members.

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