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The Swiss Army Knife is already an indispensible tool, and now the little knife that does it all just got a little greener. EvoWood is made from natural walnut wood, grown in Switzerland, and it is sourced as wood waste that would have otherwise been discarded after being used for other production processes.
Wenger, the company that makes the Swiss Army Knife, created EvoWood in 2005 as part of their Evolution series.

Because each knife is created using reclaimed wood, each piece is unique, with different wood grain patterns and shades of color. Bean is releasing an anniversary Swiss Army Knife made using EvoWood, a sustainable wood made from reclaimed walnut.
The anniversary edition includes a screwdriver, knife, bottle opener, wire bender, nail file, nail cleaner and more.

Each knife comes in a custom gift box and has a 100-year anniversary logo engraved on the handle and the knife blade.

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