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One of the great things about a Swiss Army knife is that it is packed full of helpful tools, yet it still remains easy to use.
The Survival GPS app gives you a bunch of tidbits of data that'll help you get your bearing whether you are in the woods or on a city street.
Survival GPS packs a handful of useful location features into a lightweight, easy-to-use app.
These Swiss Army Knife apps cram lots of features you would otherwise need to install several other Android apps to have.
Amazingly some of these Android tools even use less storage than some apps that perform just one of their many functions.

This virtual Swiss Army Knife, has eight functions that include: simple measure, distance measure, cross vertical measure, flashlight, compass, bubble level, plumb and magnifier. Magnifier: If your phone has a built-in camera Super Swiss Army Knife can turn your phone into a digital magnifying glass. Of such, the app is half the size of standalone tools you will find in other flashlight, magnifying glass and compass apps. Swiss Army Knife is a neat little application that brings a range of useful tools together under one roof.
The Swiss Army Knife: familiar to all of us as the tool of choice for handymen on the move and perhaps soon to be familiar to all of us as the toolkit of choice for Android users out and about.

This combination of simplicity and utility is one of the reasons why I like the Survival GPS app. There's also a compass with two buttons that allow you to switch between magnetic and true north.

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