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Famed for its glorious scenery, unspoilt beaches and cute villages, the Gower Peninsula in Wales is an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Steve Sill attempted to locate his inner Ray Mears for TNT…Midway through a survival skills weekend and my 53rd fire-lighting attempt, I wonder what kind of people my ancestors were. We learn the medicinal and nutritional qualities of the plants around us, make our own string from nettles and set traps for wildlife.Survival breaks are growing in popularity, especially for stag weekends.

Mears and Bear Grylls occupy God-like status in some circles and one obsessive even mortgaged his home for a skills weekend with Mears.Some courses are a pure test of endurance, according to Scott, where the thrill is from surviving at the hands of a chickenhead-chomping former drill sergeant. So, more like Gloria Gaynor than Bush Tucker Man, we survive – with some new skills which may come in handy if the lights finally do go out in Britain soon.

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