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Sutherland was my instructor for a three day survival skills course I took with 15 people in High Park. Sticks and Stones focuses on teaching wilderness skills and environmental stewardship, in other words familiarizing people with and fostering respect for the natural world. Your company will be broken into smaller groups which will rotate through the various workshops: Archery, Breathing and Stretching (Rule #18 Limber up), Survivalist training, Tactics and field-training, Weapons training, and Zom-Jitsu (hand-to-hand combat and tumbling). Rick Fox is a big fan of the TV reality show, Survivorman , but he never thought he'd get to play one in real life. David Arama runs a survival school and teaches a course on wilderness survival through Humber College. Rick Fox is a big fan of the TV reality show, Survivorman, but he never thought he'd get to play one in real life. But last May, the Brooklin, Ont., father of two found himself struggling to survive on his own in the wilderness near the Moon River Basin, close to Georgian Bay. Granted, it was during a simulation exercise (part of a Humber College course that teaches wilderness survival skills), but it gave him a glimpse into what it would be like to be lost and alone in the woods.

Fox took the course in a quest to become more informed about the skills needed to survive in the outdoors. As part of the course, students are taught what they should have in a good survival kit whenever they go up in the woods but, more importantly, they learn the discipline needed to keep their wits about them. Arama, who also runs WSC Survival School based in Kitchener, has been teaching outdoor programs for 30 years to a variety of people, including OPP search and rescue teams.
After four days of in-class training, Arama's students are required to spend a night out under the stars in a survival simulation, without aid of a sleeping bag, tent, stove or other amenities. Students go into the wilderness with the clothes on their backs and are required to build a shelter, keep a fire going and survive the night.
His parents met at the camp years ago when his father, John, was a counsellor and his mother a leader in training. During the weekend he taught our group how to build a survival shelter made entirely out of forest debris. Trainees experience workshops in which they learn skills necessary to survive, and thrive, in the harsh environment of a zombie apocalypse.

As trainees come from all over (lots from Toronto and the GTA), with different experiences and backgrounds, there is a mingling period where all are encouraged to get to know one another; make fast friends as these are the people you will have to rely on to survive! Utilize all you have learned, work with other trainees, and put your training to the test, as a horde of wandering zombies descends on your entire troop. For just $5 (to pay for your lunch), you get to chase the trainees, and make them put their survival skills to the test. Now when I go camping or backpacking I carry a survival kit and am more aware of the risks when I'm outdoors," says Gow who hopes to one day teach outdoor education. More downtime in which trainees are introduced to additional survival paraphernalia and invited to enjoy a zombie movie.
Adventure seekers jump into the fray at the June summer camp, where they spend three days training, learning survival skills and escaping a horde of the undead.

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