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Identifying poisonous plants may be a daunting task especially in emergency situations, but remember that your goal is to survive.
Poisonous plants can be found almost everywhere like the agave which is often used for landscaping. This high-climbing vine is very common in parts of the South, frequently found in abandoned fields and climbing high into the canopies of pine forests.
Signs: Both solanine and tropane may mimic atropine poisoning (mydriasis, tachycardia, xerostorma, dyspnea, ileus, urinary retention, CNS stimulation followed by depression, paralysis, seizures).
We grow these for the colorful, fun pods and the ripened fruits are sometimes used to make jams and jellies, but use extreme caution unless you know what you are doing. Native Americans and early settlers were poisoned when they mistook the bulbs for edible species, such as the camas lily (Camassia).

Symptoms of poisoning include: Salivation, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid pulse, convulsions, and coma. Some researchers suggest that Daphne’s extracts may have potential for treating leukemia; the plant is also known to be co-carcinogenic in the presence of low doses of carcinogenic compounds. It took many years to prohibit the use of henbane in brewing after numerous cases of poisonings. It is possible for a person or animal to die of cyanide poisoning if not treated within minutes of ingestion.
Lindley relates the case of a woman who was poisoned by the sprouts of Colchicum, which had been thrown away in Covent Garden Market and which she mistook for onions. However, it is not usual for such poisonings to occur at times when other, more palatable forage is available.

Cases of poisoning have been reported for children who chewed on twigs, or ate the cherries without discarding the pits. You would have to eat lots of crabapple seeds and grind or chew them up for the cyanide to take effect. The root is probably the most poisonous and may be responsible for occasional pig deaths; cattle and sheep have died after eating leaves and young shoots.

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