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Above you will see copies of the new Regulations regarding the Hiring of Long Term Occasionals and our summary of the new Regulations. Occasional teachers are welcome to attend all Professional Development events organized by the Lambton Kent District School Board and are encouraged to do so.
The present Collective Agreement mandates that a member must work at least one day in the Secondary panel to stay on the Occasional Teachers’ list the following school year.  Working in the Elementary panel does not qualify.
The links and resources below provide a wealth of information about the Ontario Curriculum, useful resource documents, and some supports for occasional teachers. The 2007 Transition to Teaching study reports that the underemployment of English language teachers in Ontario is not likely to improve in the near future. These sites offer many publications of interest to those who are entering the profession as an occasional teacher.
For those wanting to gain insight into school workplace culture, the subject index provides countless brief articles, such as Advice for Members – Workplace Relations or Dealing with Conflict or Staff-Principal Relations.
The OECTA website contains a publication entitled Essential Information for Occasional Teachers: Practical Advice and Support to Occasional Teachers and the Teachers They are Replacing. The OSSTF website contains a very helpful document for occasional teachers entitled Survival Skills for Occasional Teachers.

It is now harder than ever to get a contract for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. During teachers college, I was told it would take 5 to 8 years to get a permanent job in the OCDSB. The new reality for teachers starting out in the province is a number of years of occasional teaching before landing a permanent contract.
The section from pages 30-39 focuses particularly on the challenges faced by internationally educated teachers. Don’t limit yourself to one website to support your search for a job as an occasional teacher. When you click on this link, you have the option of clicking on resources for occasional teachers. From this site, you can access curriculum documents, exemplars for assessment, literacy and numeracy documents providing strategies and policy, code of conduct information, information about the provincial report card, special education procedure and many more helpful documents. A publication of interest to those beginning as occasional teachers is entitled The Occasion to Lead: A Resource Guide for Occasional Teachers.
You don’t know how long 5 years can feel until you have been waiting for a job all that time.

An occasional teacher must now have worked 20 days in any 10 month period in the 5 years prior to their application to be on the long-term occasional list.
These include assessment tools, literacy support documents and lesson plans for all grades and all subjects. Some workshops will state specifically that they are not for Occasional teachers, but you can always email the person involved and ask to attend.
This way, you can email them occasionally and keep them up to date with what is happening with you. Twitter is also an amazing way to meet other teachers from around the world or right here in Ottawa! Also, because there are so many qualified teachers, you need to take AQ’s to look more favourably for the job that you want. Smile at everyone, help wherever you can, clean your classroom at the end of the day, and leave a note or email for the teacher to let them know how it went.

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