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Based on reading lots of opinion prior to posting this, it seemed to me that the following 4 guns were often near the top of the list with regards to tools for survival. You must not have any experience in the military where the M16 and M4 are used in many survival situations (combat) and are the difference in survival or death. I have a 380 LCP for concealed carry, a 22 rifle, a Glock 19, a Remington 870 and the AR-15. Be like me, carry the gun CCW style and your rifle (with folding stock) in your sleeping bag.
Many people scoff at the fact that a .22 rifle is viable for anything but shooting small game.
From the giving you a list of the most popular, best handguns to helping you create your ultimate survival arsenal, we’re always offering different kinds of firearms advice.
Reviews of the Ruger Mini 14, XM8 Assault Rifle, Ruger LC9, Survival Air Guns, and the best Mountain Hunting Rifles are just the beginning of what we have to offer. Check out our reviews and then let us know what you think of these survival weapons in the comments below! Be sure to like us on Facebook so you can be the first to know about latest survival tips and off the grid living skills. At Survival Life our mission is to be the best survival blog providing a vast array of knowledge, tactics, and skills in the survival and preparedness fields, to any and all who wish to become more prepared for whatever may come.
Our goal is to be the ultimate one stop destination for anyone that has an interest in or questions regarding survival and preparation. The next long gun you should look into is a good centerfire rifle in a caliber capable of taking the largest game in your area. I started my comment by listing what guns I had and what they could be used for, especially any that could serve more than one function. The final element I like about the air gun, compared to regular fire arms, is that I didn’t need to register to buy my air gun rifle like I did for my shot gun. And plain ol’ rifled slugs take deer at 1-200yds regularly, and 400 by a real shooter has been documented. Every survivalist needs a close quarters firearm that can be pulled out quickly, with deadly force, and that’s why the Glock 19 is on of the top 10 survival guns.
A .22 caliber rifle has a much greater chance of finding relevant parts and ammo than most other guns on this list, making it a must own for survival arsenals.
The most intriguing part of the Henry Arms AR-7 is that it is a .22 caliber rifle that holds more ammo than usual in the magazine. Probably the single most recognizable weapon in the world, the AK-47 is one of the top 10 survival guns available to the public.
He brought up the notion of how firearms are integral to rural survival living and listed some practical recommendations including the four survival guns he would choose. The weapons that make the difference when the obstacle to survival is the two legged type and not the four footed kind you may face in a rural environment. Two reasons, the wife and kids can handle it painlessly with 80% the power and half the recoil of the 12 and the rifled slug for big game have a better Ballistic coefficient than the 12 so it actually has a longer range than the 12 with slugs.
We will take a logical and no nonsense approach to survival without bias in hopes of dispelling the myth that anyone who prepares themselves is crazy or paranoid. We strive to maintain a truthful and unbiased compendium of knowledge, both in original content, product reviews and survival tips, as well as curated articles from other top survival websites.
One of my favorite .22 rifles is the Marlin Glenfield bolt gun I got back in 1980-something when I was 11.

To misquote the infamous Gabe Suarez, rifles are good for projecting your will across a distance while pistols are ideal for controlling your immediate surroundings in unforeseen or only vaguely foreseen situations. But, the truth of the matter is that the small collection I have listed will more than likely be more than enough to see you through all but the most dire survival situation.
With talks about possible government confiscation of guns, my air rifles don’t show up on any government registry.
Overall, the Barrett is a solid survival weapon, but will run anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the type of upgrades you desire.
Weighing in at a mere 4 lbs., the Papoose is one of the easiest weapons on this list to carry. Maybe the most satisfying aspect of the Marline Papoose is its price; a mere $300 to have one of the best survival guns in your gun case. You will immediately make this top 10 survival weapon part of your survival firearm family when you see that it only costs $300 to buy.
For those worried about the price, the Ruger Redhawk can be found for around $1,000, not the worst price when you realize that you’re getting a survival death machine in the process. The Remington 870 is fairly cheap, considering how handy the shotgun will be in survival time. While the Ruger may the best, the rest of the guns on this list are forces to be reckoned with. The AR-15 type rifles are very versatile and will serve anyone as self defense or small to medium game getters. If you are just starting to build up an arsenal of survival weapons, I do not recommend purchasing the Barrett right off the bat, for two main reasons. This rifle has even been used as the standard issue survival rifle for pilots around the world, in case of a crash behind enemy lines.
The availability of the Redhawk in close quarters reveals why it is considered one of the top 10 survival weapons in use today. It sells for about $400 from most dealers, a welcoming price compared to most of the other guns on the list. Each gun contains a specific specialty for survival tactics, and will be reliable enough to use when in danger.
I know a lot of hunters will tell you it is bulky and heavy, but these are a couple features that add to this rifle. They are accurate, they have plenty of knock down power, ammo is cheap, and so are the rifles themselves. Not drawing attention is always a key element in a survival setting, and you especially don’t want to announce that you just bagged a rabbit when there are starving people around! I really do think your list of guns for surviving is exactly right and thanks for the info! Our world is full of survival enthusiasts who hope to become ready if there ever was a time when survival was unsure. Perhaps the greatest downfall of the AR-15 as a top 10 survival gun is the AR-15’s gas firing system. You would be remised if this pistol didn’t make the cut for your survival arsenal, because it is one of the top 10 survival firearms in the world.
The rifle breaks down into small parts that all fit into the butt stock, so as to make carrying the rifle as easy as pie.
Accuracy is not the reason why the Remington 870 is one of the top 10 survival firearms that civilians can buy, but rather, sheer destruction instead.

The biggest reason the Remington 870 is so high on the list is because it is a pump-action shotgun.
The most encouraging quality the Ruger possesses is how ubiquitous parts, accessories, and ammo are for this classic rifle. Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war.
The thing is a rock and can pour out a large volume of very accurate fire from its 20-round magazine, and remains an excellent battle rifle as well as a good deer rifle. The Nagant rifles are easily modernized and sporterized, and make a great addition to your gun safe.
This is especially true during gardening season when there is a lot of work that keeps my hands too busy for a rifle, but a lot of critters trying to get at the food I am growing.
The Barrett is one of the top 10 survival weapons on the market, but it won’t be the most reliable or most feasible.
The gas system makes the AR-15 more difficult to clean than most rifles, and thus, complicates the gun’s reliability as well. Even though the Sig Sauer isn’t the most reliable gun on this list, it does a good enough job to be used in a life or death situation.
What makes the Marlin Papoose one of the top 10 survival weapons to buy is its deadly accuracy and the fact that it is a .22 caliber rifle. When it comes to survival, price doesn’t have much of an affect on consumers because they want simple, durable guns, not complicated firearms with useless attachments and features.
I would guess you have no or little experience with real survival situations which is OK but please know your opinion should be considered with that fact in mind, no offense intended. Ball powder was terribly dirty for this rifle (The AR 15, and especially the DI system was conceived with light weight and economical manufacture in mind). The M1A was the last of the “Rifleman’s Rifles,” bridging the gap between the Garand and the “Black Guns” of today. At the time, issue arms for game officers in bear country [most of the state] was either a .458 magnum rifle or a 12 gauge short barrel shotgun, loaded with slugs and buckshot. On the opposite side of that coin, the quick bullets, pinpoint accuracy, and commonality of the rifles caliber and parts make this AR-15 a great piece to keep in your survival arsenal for years to come. Couple that with the AK’s ability to be fired in any condition, and you have a recipe to survive. I’ve taken the extra SHTF measure of having the internals of both rifles coated in Fail Zero. Your pistol should be in your front pants pocket holster, out of sight, out of the elements, readily accessible, out of the way of your pack and your rifle, No reason to clean it, either.
If you need the pistol more than 1-2 x, 1-2 shots each, you’ll be very lucky to survive it. If you choose to go further you can pick up specialty barrels for things like turkey hunting, and even rifled barrels to optimize shooting with slugs. I believe if it comes to push and shove about weapons and the ones for survival everybody has their own love of certain weapons.

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