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Categories: Ultra Thin Folding Knife | Author: admin 15.02.2013

Made famous from its appearance in AMC’s hit zombie show, The Walking Dead, the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit has been an instant hit featuring a wide range of tools¬†suitable¬† for the outdoors enthusiasts, end of the world as we know it, zombie-pocalypse, survival junkies, and knife collectors.
More Recoil Stories Gerber Bullrush Multi-ToolGerber will be releasing this April the Bullrush Multi-Tool.

The survival kit features complete line of 7 Gerber products including the Gerber Gator Machete, Gerber Camp Axe II, Gerber Gator Machete Pro, Gerber Parang, Gerber LMF II Infantry, Gerber DMF Folder and Gerber Epic.

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